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Popular FAQS for GoWiFi


What is GoWiFi?

GoWiFi is our fast and secure public wifi service. With GoWIFI, you can experience a connection of up to 100 mbps* so you can enjoy your online activities at high speeds.


*Actual speed may vary depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength, number of users actively using the network at the same time, and wireless interference from other devices (such as pocket Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microwaves). A theoretical speed of 100Mbps will take one second to download a 12MB file.

Cool! How is GoWiFi different from other public Wi-Fi hotspots?

GoWiFI offers a wide coverage and is available in major establishments around the country. This allows you to easily browse Facebook, check emails, watch videos, download large updates, and more wherever there is a GoWiFi hotspot.


It also features a secure access connection compared to other public domains for worry-free surfing.

Where can I find GoWiFi?

GoWiFi is already available in over 2,000 sites and we are continuing to expand! Click here to check out our list of hotspots.

Is GoWiFi accessible to anyone?

Absolutely! GoWiFi is available to all customers who own a WiFi-enabled device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet), from any mobile networks (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, TNT, etc.).

What if I don’t have a mobile number? Can I still access GoWiFi?

Yes, you can still access GoWiFi even without a mobile number.

How is each GoWiFi network different from each other?
 Free GoWiFiGoWiFi AutoGoSurf_FreeWiFi /
Access TimeLimited based on the standard free access time set per site1, 3, or 30 days depending on the GoWiFi package selectedDepends on the valid GoSURF / EasySURF availed
SpeedHigh speed internet of up to 100 mbps depending on the locationHigh speed internet of up to 100 mbps depending on the locationHigh speed internet of up to 100 mbps depending on the location