About Illegal Repeaters

What is a repeater?

A repeater is a device used for boosting the mobile phone reception. This is a femto cell, which is a very small mobile phone base station connected to the phone network through the internet. It has three units:

  • A reception antenna
  • A signal amplifier
  • An internal rebroadcast antenna

Does Globe sell repeaters?

We do not sell repeaters but we have a plug and play device that provides 3G signal and coverage.

What are illegal repeaters?

Illegal repeaters are unauthorized by NTC and are imported into the country without permit.

How do I know if a repeater is illegal? What are the common effects I should watch out for?

If there's an illegal repeater in your area, you will experience weak signals and slow connections. You might experience dropped calls and voice quality problems because of the interference caused by the repeaters.

I know someone who might be using or selling and illegal repeater.

If you suspect illegal repeater use or sale, please report it to us with the following helpful information:

  • Photos of the suspected antenna
  • Name of the building or establishment
  • Complete address
  • Name of owner (if possible)

You can also send a report using this form.

Once you've reported a possible illegal repeater, we have a team assigned in what we call frequency scanning and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) tracking.

What can we do to eliminate the use and distribution of illegal repeaters?

You can help by letting us know of any suspected illegal activity using this form, or you can report it directly to the NTC. We will then hold a discussion or negotiation with the owner to shut off or properly tune the repeater and have it registered to NTC.

Are there punishments for people with illegal repeaters?

According to the Public Service Act, use or operation of illegal repeaters will be penalized by Php 200 per day of operation.

Likewise according to Memorandum Order No. 01-02-2013, the sale, purchase, importation, possession, or use of cellular mobile repeaters and portable cell sites is illegal.

If you voluntarily surrender your repeater to us, however, we will not pursue any case against you.

Would there be any rewards for those who report suspected illegal repeaters?

We have a rewards system in place for those who report and were check to be valid.

I'd like to find out more about illegal repeaters. Where can I get more info about it?

You can check out this video for more information on illegal repeaters.