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Prepaid Roam Super Saver 299 | Help & Support | Globe

Roam Surf Offers with Longer Validity

What do I get with Roam Super Saver?

With Roam Super Saver, you can enjoy discounted rates on calls and texts while traveling abroad!

Roam Super Saver
10 minutes of outgoing calls and 10 texts to all networks24 hours
P299Dial *143# for free and go to Roaming & Int'l

That's good news! Is this available to all Globe Prepaid, Load Tipid Plan (LTP) and TM customers?

Roam Super Saver is available to Globe Prepaid, Load Tipid Plan (LTP) and MyStarter Plan (MSP) customers, but doesn't cover TM customers.

Interesting! In which countries can I use Roam Super Saver?

You can refer to the list of countries and roaming partners below:

Roaming Partner


Telstra MobileNet

Hong Kong


*RP name may also appear as "45-400" or 

"45419" in select handsets

Saudi ArabiaSTC
South KoreaSK Telecom

For other countries not covered by our Roam Super Saver offer, the discounted promo rates will not apply.

Nice! Do I need to register for the new offers?

Yes. Just like the other roaming offers, you can register to Roam Super Saver while in the Philippines or when abroad. To register, dial *143# and go to Roaming & Int'l.

Cool! How can I avail of Roam Super Saver?

Prior to registration, please check if your country of destination is part of the Roam Super Saver partner countries. Otherwise, you may still be charged the P299 fee, but won't be able to enjoy the promo.

Then, you can register to Roam Super Saver by dialing *143# and choosing Roaming & International > Call & Text while roaming.

Your Roam Super Saver subscription will automatically get activated when you arrive at your destination.

That's cool! But how do I know my promo is already activated?

You'll receive a series of notifications to confirm that your promo subscription is successful:

a. If you pre-register before leaving the Philippines, you will receive an acknowledgement text that you have successfully registered and that your promo will be activated once you arrive at the country of destination.
b. Once you have arrived abroad, you will get a message alerting you that your promo is ready for use.

I'd like to monitor my usage, is there a way to keep track of my remaining call minutes and texts?

You'll receive alerts when you only have 50% and 20% allocation left before the end of your Roam Super Saver's 1-day validity. The alerts will be sent after you make a call or SMS. If you want to proactively check, you can also dial *143#, go to Roaming & Int'l to check on the status of your promo.

Is consumption tracking done real-time?

The tracking is real-time, but usage info may vary if there are ongoing calls made or texts sent from the time status was checked to the time status message was received.

How would I know if my Roam Super Saver promo has already expired?

a. You will receive an alert once you have exhausted the allowed number of call minutes or texts.

b. You will also get an expiry notification once your promo validity has already ended.

Alright! What will happen to my Roam Super Saver subscription if I register while still in the Philippines, but am unable to push through with my trip?

Your Roam Super Saver subscription will automatically be cancelled after seven days. No load will be deducted from your account until the subscription has been successfully activated in the country of destination.

What if I register to Roam Super Saver in a participating country and move to another country that doesn't offer Roam Super Saver before the expiry of my subscription?

If you move to a non-Roam Super Saver country while your promo subscription is still valid, the promo will no longer apply. Note that you will be charged the regular roaming rates for calls and texts.

What are the regular roaming rates?

The roaming rates depend on the zone you are in:

Incoming Call
Outgoing Call
Incoming Text
Outgoing Text
Zone 1: 
Asia & America
P20/160 characters
Zone 2:
Europe & Africa
P25/160 characters

What happens if I make a call and go beyond 10 minutes?

Once you have consumed the allowed minutes, the 11th minute will automatically be charged the regular roaming rate.

Can I use the 10 minutes of calls to receive incoming calls and not get charged?

No. Roam Super Saver only allows 10 minutes of outgoing calls.

How come it says in my status that I have already consumed 2 out of my 10 texts when I only sent one message?

One text message is equivalent to 160 characters. Even if you only sent one message (as a whole), the next 160 character of your message will be counted as another text.

What happens if I consume the 10 texts, but have not yet used up my 10 minutes of calls, will the promo expire?

No. The promo will only end once you have fully consumed the allowed 10 minutes of calls and 10 texts to all networks or once you have exceeded the 24-hour promo validity.

Can I register to another Roam Super Saver promo if I still have remaining call/text allowance?

No. You will have to fully consume the 10 minutes of calls and 10 texts before you can register again to the promo.

What happens when my Roam Super Saver subscription expires?

Once promo expires, all calls and texts will be charged the regular roaming rates. Simply register again to a new Roam Super Saver promo via *143# to enjoy the discounted rates.

Can I avail of other promos when I am registered to a Roam Super Saver offer?

You can register to any Roam Surf offer to enjoy data browsing even while you have an existing Roam Super Saver subscription.

Is there a maintaining balance needed for my Roam Super Saver promo to stay active?

None! Your promo will be valid even with zero balance. However, once you have exhausted the allowed 10 minutes of calls and 10 texts, you will need to load up again to use the service.

How do I unsubscribe from the promo?

To unsubscribe, dial *143# and go to Roaming & Int'l. Choose Roam Super Saver and select Unsubscribe.

Cool! What happens if I register to this roaming promo and I had a change of mind before I leave the Philippines?

You will not be charged and the promo fee will not be deducted from your load should you decide to unsubscribe before you leave the Philippines. However, if you decide to un-enroll to a promo when you're already out of the Philippines, the promo fee would have already been deducted from your load.

What if I was able to successfully pre-register to a promo while in the Philippines, but I don't have enough remaining balance to pay for the roaming promo once I get abroad?

Your Roam Super Saver promo will not be activated if you have insufficient balance when you get abroad. You can reload using a call card via *143# or ask for Share-a-Load from your loved ones in the Philippines. After that, you will need to register again to the promo.

Help! I was automatically connected to a roaming partner, but I cannot use Prepaid Roam Super Saver. I already incurred load deductions. What's wrong?

Make sure to connect to the specified Globe Prepaid Roam Super Saver partners to be able to enjoy the promo. 

Kindly note that if your registration to Roam Super Saver becomes active, you will be charged with the promo fee even if you were connected to a non-partner network. In this case, you will not be able to use the promo.

Oh no! I am subscribed to Prepaid Roam Super Saver but I can't make a call using *131*. What's wrong?

Make sure to use the direct dial format when making an outgoing call. Example: "+639171234567"

How long can I avail of Roam Super Saver?

Roam Super Saver for Prepaid is available until further notice.

I want to know more about International Roaming! Where can I go to know more?

For further assistance, you may call the Globe roaming hotline at +63277301212 using your Globe mobile, toll-free even while roaming.

You can also get in touch with us through Messenger at