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What is SuperFB?

SuperFB is a mobile internet promo that allows Globe Prepaid customers to have all-day access to Facebook via

P101 day
SUPERFB15P152 day
SUPERFB50P507 day
SUPERFB199P19930 day

Who can avail of this promo?

All Globe Prepaid and TM customers can avail of this promo using their mobile phones, except customers with BlackBerry devices, users of Opera Mini browsers and any Facebook App.

Sounds perfect for me! So how do I register?

You have to ways to register:

Via *143#:

Simply dial *143# from your mobile phone, then select “SUPERFB” under Surf Promos for Prepaid customers, and Mobile Internet Promos for TM customers.

Via SMS:

Just text the keyword of your desired validity to 8080, wait for the confirmation, and that’s it!

P101 day
SUPERFB15P152 day
SUPERFB50P507 day
SUPERFB199P19930 day

Registering seems really easy! Until when can I avail of this promo?

You can avail of this promo until August 31, 2016.

Can I avail of SuperFB through retailers via load?

Not yet. SuperFB is currently available through *143# and SMS registrations only.

After I register, how will I know if my SuperFB subscription is already active?

Upon subscribing to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) you are automatically registered and charged. A confirmation message will be sent to you, notifying that your SuperFB service is already active and you can start using it.

You can also check the status of your subscription by simply texting SUPERFB STATUS to 8080.

How much prepaid balance should I maintain in order to enjoy my SuperFB service?

You must maintain at least P1.00 load to continue using the SuperFB (10/15/50/199).

What is is the mobile version of If you’re using a mobile phone, you will automatically be redirected to It is a compressed version but you can still use many of the main features of Facebook in your mobile phone such as posting, adding friends, uploading photos, and editing your privacy settings. 

Okay, so that's what it is. But can I use any Facebook app for free when registered to SuperFB promo?

Sorry, but you can't. If you use any Facebook app, you will be charged regular rates of P5 for 15 minutes. Do note that SuperFB can only be used with

I'm a prepaid customer with SuperSurf/ PowerSurf subscription. Can I register to this service?

Yes, you can register to SuperFB even if you are subscribed to either SuperSurf or PowerSurf. When subscribed to PowerSurf, you can surf other sites or click on other links within without being charged regular browsing rates. However, we suggest you consume your SuperSurf registration first before registering to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) just so you can maximize your service subscriptions.

SuperFB / PowerSurf
SuperFB / SuperSurfYesYes

Co-existence of PowerSurf and SuperFB:

If you’re browsing through, minutes or KBs will not be deducted from you PowerSurf subscription. It will only be deducted once you click or access embedded links to other sites, like Yahoo, Youtube, etc.

Co-existence of SuperSurf and SuperFB:

Your SuperSurf balance will be used first before your SuperFB balance when both are active. That means surfing on any website or use of any app will not be subject to regular browsing rate. Once your SuperSurf subscription has expired, your SuperFB wallet will be used. Clicking websites other than will then be subject to regular browsing charges.

Do note that multiple promo registrations will be consumed based on the following hierarchy:

Promo/s Registered to
SuperFB / PowerSurf
SuperFB / SuperSurf2nd

I have a Globe Tattoo Broadband and I subscribed to SuperFB. Can I use my Globe Prepaid SIM registered to SuperFB with my Tattoo Broadband?

No, you can't. This promo is only available via mobile phones using your phone's internet browser.

Is SuperFB (10/15/50/199) service available only at certain times of the day?

This all-day service is available 24/7!

Great! Can I avail of this promo while roaming?

Sorry, but this promo is available only in the Philippines. Regular roaming rates will apply.

What websites can I visit using SuperFB (10/15/50/199)?

Only will be free of charge. If you access or click embedded links to other sites, like Yahoo, YouTube, etc. within Facebook, you will be charged the regular browsing rate of P5 for 15 minutes. So it would be best if you subscribe to mobile internet plans like PowerSurf or SuperSurf, if you want to browse through other websites for free.

Choose PowerSurf to surf and stop as you please for as low as P15 a day. You can choose between internet hours or MBs that you can use up for 1 to 30days. For more info, text POWERSURF INFO to 8080.

Or, subscribe to SuperSurf for all-day chatting, downloading, emailing and surfing wherever you go. For more info, text SUPERSURF INFO to 8080.

How much will it cost me if I browse other sites or if I click advertisements within Facebook?

Visiting other websites or clicking third party advertisements within Facebook will automatically charge you the regular browsing rate of P5 for 15 minutes, unless you are registered to either PowerSurf or SuperSurf.

What if my SuperFB subscription expires or is fully consumed while I'm surfing Facebook? Will I automatically be registered to SuperFB again?

No, you will not be automatically registered to SuperFB again if you are in the middle of a browsing session when your subscription expires. Instead, you will receive an SMS informing you of the expiry and you will be charged P5 for every 15 minutes if you continue browsing after your SuperFB subscription.

You may register again to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) as soon as your subscription expires.

Can I register to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) more than once a day?

Sure, you can! But take note that it will only overwrite your existing registration. We suggest that you use up your current subscription first before registering again.


You registered to SuperFB 10 on January 15, 12nn. Then you registered again to SuperFB 10 on the same day at 5:00PM. Your expiry will now be January 16, 4:59PM.

Is there a way for me to check if my subscription is still active?

Yes, there is. You may send the following keyword to 8080 to check the status of your subscription.

Globe customerSUPERFB STATUS

Can I register to other promos while I'm subscribed to SuperFB (10/15/50/199)?

Of course, you can! You may subscribe to other call and text promos as you normally would while subscribed to SuperFB (10/15/50/199). Use of SuperFB is also allowed with either PowerSurf or SuperSurf.

Can I browse through using any browser type?

No. Browsing through will be available to all browsers except Opera Mini for which browsing will be charged at regular rates of P5 for 15 minutes.

Can I register to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) and use my BlackBerry services?

Sorry, but you cannot register to SuperFB (10/15/50/199) while registered to any Blackberry service. To access Facebook using your Blackberry, you will have to register to any of the following promos:

Blackberry Services
ValidityHow To Register
Php501 DayText BBMAX50 to 8080
BBMAX220Php2202 DayText BBMAX220 to 8080
BBMAX599Php59930 DayText BBMAX599 to 8080
BB SOCIAL ONPhp29930 DayText BB SOCIAL ON to 8080

Can I register to the promo using my BlackBerry handset?

BlackBerry users are not advised to register to SuperFB. Accessing using your BlackBerry device may incur regular browsing charges of P5 for 15 minutes. If you want more info about our Blackberry promos, just visit

When will my subscription expire?

Here's a table to guide you:

Promo Variant
SUPERFB101 day or 24 hours after confirmation of registration
SUPERFB152 days after confirmation of registration
SUPERFB507 days after confirmation of registration
SUPERFB19930 days after confirmation of registration

How will I know that my subscription has already expired? Will I receive a notification?

Yes! An SMS notification will be sent to inform you that your subscription has expired. However, if you registered on top of an active SuperFB subscription, the expiry will follow your latest registration.

If I stop my SuperFB10 subscription prior to its expiry, will I get a refund for the remaining number of hours?

No, you will not get a refund for the remaining number of hours if you choose to unsubscribe/stop your SuperFB10 service before its expiry.

I want to know more about the promo. What should I text?

To know more about this promo, simply text the following keyword to 8080.

Globe customer

How about if I want to stop my current SuperFB service, what do I text?

To end your subscription before its expiry, just send the following keyword to 8080.

Globe customer