Bill via Text

What is this text from GlobeMyBill?

As a Globe Postpaid customer, you can now access your latest bill using the link provided in the Bill via Text message from GLOBEMYBILL.

How does Bill via Text work?

  • Every month, you'll receive a text message informing you that your bill is ready.
  • A link will be provided in the message.Clicking on this link will open a page on your phone or device's browser.
  • You'll get the passcode via text once you click on the link.
  • After entering the passcode, you'll be able to view and download your bill.T
  • he link will expire once a new bill is generated.

I can't view my bill using my phone.

You can use any device that has a PDF viewer and access to the internet. If you cannot view or download your bill using your current phone, you can use another device by following these easy steps:

  1. First, using the phone that received the Bill via Text message
  2. Click on the link in our latest message.Take note of the verification code that will be sent via text

Next, using your alternate phone, tablet or laptop (which should already be connected to the internet and have a PDF viewer installed)

  1. Copy the link provided in our latest message to the address box of your internet browser
  2. You'll be directed to a landing page
  3. Enter the verification code that was sent via text
  4. View and/or download your bill

My phone does not have a PDF viewer.

You can download a PDF viewer from the corresponding app market ( (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows) of your device.

I clicked on the link but have not received my verification code yet.

You may do any of the following:

  1. Click on the link found on the Bill via Text message or
  2. Click on the Resend Verification Code link on the landing page or bill webpage

A new code will be sent via text in a few minutes.

Can I unsubscribe from this service?

This is a mandatory service for Globe Postpaid customers as we'll be shifting to Paperless Billing soon. Accounts that continue to receive paper bills will be billed P50 monthly. If you don't want to be charged but don't have an email address, then Bill via Text is your solution.

Can I print my bill?

Yes, but you must download a copy first. You may then print directly from your device or transfer the file to a flash drive before printing.

I received an advisory that I can receive bill credits / discount on my next bill. What is this for?

This is a program that will give P200 bill credits to the first 500 customers who will click on the link from GLOBEMYBILL and view their bill via text.

How do I win?

First, you must receive a bill via text message from GLOBEMYBILL

Next, you must access your bill using the link provided in the message

Finally, you must be one for the first 500 who will successfully access your bill using the link.

What is the prize?

The winners will get a PhP200 bill credit on their next bill.

How will I know if I've won?

You'll receive a text message from GLOBE informing you that the credit will be posted in your next bill. No further action will be required from your end.

How can I claim my bill credit?

P200 will credited to your Globe Postpaid account and it to be reflected in you next month's billing statement.