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GPlan - Globe Help & Support


What is Globe Postpaid's GPlan and when is it available?

Globe GPlans are the latest postpaid plans offered to customers who want to apply for postpaid subscriptions and existing postpaid customers up for plan renewal. The old plans -- ThePLAN, ThePLAN PLUS and TheBASIC PLAN 499 -- are no longer available.

GPlans are bigger and better than ever as they let you enjoy worry-free surfing, calls, and texts, as well as limitless life enablers that let you take control of the life you want:

  • Enjoy 100 minutes of allnet calls for mobile and landline and 100 allnet texts effective April 1, 2023 for worry-free, non-stop communication with loved ones


GPlans are available in the following variants:

  • GPlan-with-device to enjoy your plan with a phone or a relevant gadget
  • All-New GPlan PLUS to get more data to own the things you’re passionate about


Choosing the right GPlan depends on what you need:

  • Choose GPlan-with-device -- if you want to get a new mobile phone or a relevant gadget
  • Choose All-new GPlan PLUS -- if you want a SIM-only plan that comes with more data to help you own the things you’re passionate about


You can avail of a GPlan through the following channels nationwide:


  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Billing Address
  • Proof of Financial Capacity


GPlans are available starting March 26, 2021.


GPlans are also available as Platinum GPlans 3799, 4999 and 7999 for Platinum customers.


Depending on the device you choose, GPlan-with-device has 24 and 36 month contracts.

For the All-New GPlan PLUS, you may choose between no contract, and 12 or 24-month contracts. If you get a 12 or 24-month contract, you get additional data freebie for the duration of your contract

  • All-New GPlan PLUS 599/799 - + 1GB/month
  • All-New GPlan PLUS 999/1299 - + 2GB/month
  • All-New GPlan PLUS 1499/1799/1999/2499 - + 3GB/month


On all GPlan-with-device and GPlan PLUS 599, your unused data allowance for the current billing month can be extended to the next billing month. Note however that validity of data rollover is only within the following month. If your data remains unused on the third month, the rolled-over data gets forfeited. (For example, unused GBs in January will roll over and are valid until February only).

Further, data rollover applies only to your plan’s main data allowance. Unused data coming from data add-ons won’t have the rollover feature. Also, rolled-over data will get forfeited any time that you temporarily disconnect your line.

Data rollover is not available for the All-New GPlan PLUS. Make sure to use up your remaining GBs every bill cycle by converting them into different services thru the GlobeOne app!

How is this offer better than the previous ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS offers?


These offers allow you to choose from a wide range of devices to suit your lifestyle. We also have add-ons such as OneNumber and Gadget Xchange you can pair with your devices to enrich your experience.

All GPlans with device come with mobile data allowance. GPlans 799 and above also include unli allnet texts and calls for mobile and landline, while GPlan 599 comes with 100 minutes of allnet calls for mobile and landline and 100 allnet texts.

All-New GPlan PLUS (SIM-only):

These offers come with bigger data allocations vs. GPlan with device so you can get more out of your existing devices. All plans come with unli allnet texts and calls for mobile and landline. With All-New GPlan PLUS 999 and up, your postpaid plan is even more flexible with features such as:

  • Conversion of your calls and texts allowance to data
  • Conversion of data to telco services, content subscriptions and lifestyle vouchers
  • Freedom to modify your plan inclusions every month

I'm an existing postpaid customer, when will GPlan take effect if I change to this new plan?

If you're out of contract:

You can change your plan any time if you’re already out of contract and the new plan will take effect on your next bill cycle.

If you're within contract:

You can only change to this plan as long as you’re getting the same amount or upgrade to a higher plan. If you’re moving to a plan with a lower plan commitment, you’ll be charged a pre-termination fee that you have to settle first before availing of GPlan.

As a new customer on GPlan, how much will I be charged for my first bill?

In your first bill, you can refer to the Plan Summary section to see a breakdown of your charges. It contains the following:

  • The first plan amount is the partial amount of your MRF covering the period from your activation date to your bill cut-off date.
  • The second plan amount is a one-month advance of your MRF.

As an existing customer who changes to a GPlan, how much will I be charged for my first bill?

For plans that are changed mid-cycle, the initial bill following the change of plan will show the:

  • Prorated amount for the old plan which has been paid for in the previous bill
  • Prorated amount for the new plan
  • Advanced charge for the monthly recurring fee (MRF) of the new plan

If you’re coming from an All-Unli or All-New mySuperPlan, which doesn’t charge for advance MRF of the old plan, your first bill will include:

  • A prorated amount for the new plan
  • An advanced MRF for the new plan

How much do I get charged for my local and international usage on GPlan?

GPlans let you enjoy worry-free connections as it comes with 100 minutes of allnet calls for mobile and landline and 100 allnet texts effective April 1, 2023 for your local call and text transactions. For surfing, your main data allowance will take care of your local data usage.

On the other hand, standard international calls, texts, and surf rates apply for your international usage.

What types of calls are included in the calls and texts of GPlans?

Your 100 minutes of allnet calls for mobile and landline and 100 allnet texts effective April 1, 2023 include calls and texts to the new third telco, landline calls to Globe landline numbers and other landline numbers as well (PLDT, etc).

What happens after I use up my data allowance?

For postpaid customers, if your SurfAlert is turned on -- your browsing will temporarily stop once you fully consume your data allowance for the billing month. You’ll receive a text notification and flash message, so you can decide whether to stop browsing or get a data promo to be able to keep browsing.

There’s no bill shock for GPlans as SurfAlert will keep you from browsing if you don’t have a data promo.

After using up your data allowance, you have the option to get a data add-on right away.

How do I track the remaining GBs from my data allowance?

You can easily check your remaining data allowance via the GlobeOne app. Alternatively, you can text DATA BAL to 8080.

Can I still avail of other add-ons with GPlan?

Yes, you may. You can get an add-on any time and this will be automatically charged in addition to your monthly plan for the current bill period.


What happens if I change to GPlan before or after my contract ends?

When changing to GPlan before the end of your contract, you’ll have to pay the corresponding pre-termination fees.

When changing to GPlan after your contract has ended, you still retain your existing number but get to experience different plan inclusions and life enablers, depending on the GPlan variant that you choose.

If I'm on a GPlan, how much pre-term fee would I have to pay if I terminate before my contract ends?

To compute for the pre-term fee on GPlan with device,


To compute for the pre-term fee on GPlan with GCash,


To compute for the pre-term fee on GPlan SIM-Only,