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Temporary Disconnection for Lost SIM/Phone - Globe Help & Support

Temporary Disconnection of a Lost Globe SIM/Phone

What should I do if my Globe phone or SIM card is lost or stolen?

Please report the loss or theft immediately to protect your accounts from unauthorized access or usage. Immediately call banks, e-commerce, and important accounts associated with your mobile number and phone to request its temporary deactivation and ensure your account’s security.

Where should I report a lost or stolen Globe SIM card or phone?

For Globe Prepaid and TM customers, we urge you to visit the nearest Globe store to have your lost SIM temporarily barred. You may visit this link for the list of open stores. We can also process your request for a replacement SIM if you already have the following documents ready:

  • Proof of ownership: SIM bed/GCash Card (if available)/eSIM voucher (if available)
  • Notarized Affidavit of Loss (standard) containing the mobile number and description as to how, why, when and where did the customer lost the mobile phone
  • Two (2) Gov't. IDs, presented during the affidavit of loss notarization

If you need time to prepare the necessary documents for SIM replacement, you may bring 1 government-issued ID upon your visit to proceed with temporary SIM barring.

For Globe Postpaid customers, you may reach us via Facebook Messenger at and click Report Lost Phone. You may also call 211 using a Globe mobile number and select the report lost phone or SIM option. To ensure account security, the concern will be discussed with verified account holders only.

What can I do to protect my phone and data in case of theft?

Certain devices have certain features for lost or stolen phones. 

  • For iOS devices, there’s a "Find My" feature that allows you to locate your device using another Apple device with same Apple ID. Through the same app, you can also mark your device as lost.
  • For Android devices, "Find My Device" is also available for Google accounts.

How can I protect myself from identity theft after reporting a lost or stolen phone or SIM card?

Make sure to report your lost phone/SIM immediately to your network provider, banks and accounts connected to your mobile number. Change your password and log out on all devices. 

In general, protect yourself by practicing the following:

  • Keep your sensitive and personal data to yourself
  • Limit the information you share online and to other people
  • Do not share online screenshots of your bills or images of your personal information
  • Use strong and unique passwords for your accounts and change them regularly
  • Use other ways of authentication such as biometrics, 2-step authentication, and many more

Can I request for my lost/stolen device to be blocked so others can’t use it?

You may request for blacklisting of your device as long as you bought it from Globe. During the request, be ready to provide your device’s IMEI which you can find at the back of your handset’s box, if you still have it. 

Once the device is blacklisted, it can’t be used anymore even if another SIM is inserted.