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Go Promos and GoBOOSTERS for Globe Prepaid FAQ - Globe

Go Promos and GoBOOSTERS for Globe Prepaid FAQ

What are Go promos?

Go promos are Globe Prepaid’s newest data promos with the highest GBs yet!

What Go promos can I avail of?

You can choose from the following promos:

Promo VariantFeaturesValidityPrice
Go595GB all-access data + 1GB GoWiFi3 days₱59
Go908GB all-access data + 1GB GoWiFi7 days₱90
Go12010GB all-access data + 2GB GoWiFi + unli allnet texts7 days₱120
Go14011GB all-access data + 2GB GoWiFi + unli allnet texts7 days₱140
Go25015GB all-access data15 days₱250
Go40025GB all-access data15 days₱400

How do I register to Go promos?

You can register via the GlobeOne app. Once you have successfully registered, you should be able to receive a text notification.

Is there a maintaining balance needed to avail of Go promos?

There’s no maintaining balance required. You can avail of any Go promo as long as you have enough load!

Can I register to more than one Go promo at a given time?

Yes, you can register as many times as you like!

Can I register to Go and to other Globe Prepaid promos at a given time?

Yes, you can use Go promos with your favorite data promos EXCEPT FOR SuperSURF.

How will I know if my Go promo has expired?

You will be notified that your promo will expire soon 1 day before the expiry date. You will also receive a text once your Go promo expires.

With the new Go offers, does that mean I can’t register to my favorite GoSURF or GoSAKTO promos anymore?

No! GoSURF, GoSAKTO, and other Globe Prepaid promos such as GoUNLI or GoALLNET will still be available to all of our customers.

Do my GBs from GoSURF/GoSAKTO/other Go promos stack together?

Yes! As long as you avail of the Go promos when your GoSURF/GoSAKTO/other Go promos have not yet expired, all of your unused GBs will stack to the promo with the longest expiry.

What are GoBOOSTERS?

GoBOOSTERS are add-ons to Go  and Go+ promos for you to be able to use your favorite apps longer.

Can I use GoBOOSTERS with other Globe Prepaid promos?

No, you can only get these tack-ons if you are registered to Go  and Go+ promos.

What GoBOOSTERS can I choose from?

You can choose from various GoBOOSTERS to boost your experience! All tack-ons are valid for 1 day.

  • GoBOOST15 - ₱15 for additional 1GB for 1 day
  • GoWATCH10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Viu, iWant, HBO Go and NBA for 1 day
  • GoPLAY10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Mobile Legends,Genshin Impact, Pokemon Unite, PUBG, Call of Duty and Legends of Runeterra for 1 day
  • GoSHARE10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch, Kumu and Discord for 1 day
  • GoSHO₱10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, BeautyMNL, GrabFood and foodpanda for 1 day
  • GoKOREAN10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Viu, YouTube, and Netflix for 1 day
  • GoLISTEN10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for YouTube Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and WeSing for 1 day
  • GoRIDE10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Grab, Google Maps, and Waze for 1 day
  • GoLEARN10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for YouTube Learning, Udemy, Edukasyon, Google Suite and Canva for 1 day
  • GoWORK10 - ₱10 for additional 1GB for Zoom, Yahoo Mail, FB Meeting Room, MS Teams, Whatsapp, Viber and Telegram for 1 day
  • GoPINOY: ₱10 for additional 1GB for Kumu, iWantTFC and Vivamax for 1 day
  • GoANIME: ₱10 for additional 1GB for iQIYI, YouTube, Netflix and Viu for 1 day
  • GoLONGER10 - ₱10 for +1 day validity.
  • GoCALL10 - ₱10 for +unli calls to all network for 1 day.

Can I register to GoBOOSTERS more than once?

Yes, you can register to as many GoBOOSTERS as you want!

Do my GBs from my GoBOOSTERS stack with other promos?

Only the GBs from boosters of the same kind and are active will stack! Once stacked, the GBs will follow the booster with the longest expiry.

For example, your remaining GoBOOST15 GBs will only stack when you avail of GoBOOST15 again.

How will I know if my GoBOOSTERS have expired?

You will receive a text once your GoBOOSTER expires.

How do I check how much data I have left for my Go or Go+ promos and GoBOOSTERS?

You can check via the GlobeOne app or by texting DATA BAL to 8080.

I chose GoLONGER10 as my GoBOOSTER. How many times can I avail of it?

You can only avail of GoLONGER10 once a day, and up to 10 times while your current Go/Go+ promo is still active.