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GoRENEW FAQ - Globe Help & Support


What is GoRENEW?

GoRENEW is a feature that gives Globe Prepaid customers the convenience to automatically register to their favorite promos. Registration renewal is open to selected 7-day and 15-day Globe Prepaid promos:

Promo ValidityEligible PromosRenewal Schedule

7 days

  • Go90

  • Go120

  • Go140

  • GoUNLI95

  • SURF4ALL99

  • SURF4ALL249

  • GoEXTRA90

  • GoEXTRA99

Every 7 days

15 days

  • Go250

  • Go400

  • GoUNLI180

Every 15 days

*Auto renewal can take up to 5 minutes after the expiry of your promo.

How do I register?

You can register to GoRENEW promos through the following:

ChannelSubscription Process


  • Activate the GoRENEW button under promo description before proceeding to payment


  • Search for GoRENEW tab in Buy Load under Globe Prepaid


  • Just text <Promo Keyword><space>RENEW and send to 8080


  • Select “Subscribe and Renew” after the promo details

*100# [For AutoLoadMAX Retailers only]

  • Select GoRENEW menu and load to customers

What promo will be renewed?

The promo that will get automatically renewed is the same as the first promo you registered to in GoRENEW. For example, if you subscribed to renewable Go90, the succeeding registrations will also be Go90. If you wish to register to another promo for renewal, you need to stop the GoRENEW subscription of your current promo, and register to the new promo that you wanted.

How will I be charged?

The cost of Globe Prepaid promos that will be renewed will be charged to your load balance. Because of this, GoRENEW availers need to make sure that they have enough load in their wallet before the schedule of promo renewal. If you do not have enough load balance, your promo renewal will not push through, and your GoRENEW subscription will be cancelled.

Can I register to other Globe Prepaid promos even if I have an active GoRENEW subscription?

Yes, you can! You can still register to your other favorite Globe Prepaid promos even if you have an active GoRENEW subscription. However, these promos will not automatically renew.

Can my Globe Prepaid promos stack with my GoRENEW promos?

Yes, GoRENEW promos stack with other Globe Prepaid promos and follow the longest validity. However, any unused data will not be carried over to the next GoRENEW cycle.

Can I register to another GoRENEW subscription even if I have an active GoRENEW subscription?

No. You can only have 1 active GoRENEW subscription at a given time. If you wish to change the renewable promo that you are subscribed to, you need to stop your current active GoRENEW subscription and then register to the new one.

I noticed that my GoRENEW failed to renew on the set date. Do I need to re-register to GoRENEW?

Auto renewal will happen within 5 minutes after the expiry of your promo. In case you still experience any failed auto renewal, the system will retry the auto renewal 3 times in an hour. If it still fails on the third attempt, you will receive a text with instructions on how to register again to GoRENEW.

How do I stop my GoRENEW subscription?

There are 3 ways to stop your GoRENEW subscription:

  1. Not having enough load balance during scheduled promo renewal.
  2. Text GORENEW STOP to 8080 for free.
  3. For Android and iOS users, you can click on the "Unsubscribe" button on the homepage of your GlobeOne app under your GoRENEW promo.

Please note that stopping your GoRENEW subscription will also stop your existing promo subscription.