AutoloadMax Retailers Rewards

How can I earn points as an AutoloadMax (Sari-Sari Store) Retailer?

Your accumulated load purchase is for one year. For every P200 commercial load purchase via GlobeOne app, you’ll earn 1 Reward point.

Ex. Retailer loaded P100, P200, P300. The total is P600. Retailer will get 3 Globe Rewards Points

Will I also earn points if I purchase my commercial load through my Territorial Distributor?

Earning of points is via the GlobeOne App or Web channels only.

I don’t have a GlobeOne app, do I need to register?

Yes, Download the GlobeOne app via Google Play or Apple Store then register your number.


How do I buy load via the GlobeOne app?

  • Download and Register your account to the GlobeOne app
  • Launch the app and choose BUY LOAD option
  • Choose the denomination or amount you want to buy
  • Select your payment option ( GCash or Credit Card Option)
  • Click CONFIRM and NEXT button to finish the transaction

What rewards can I avail?

If you’ll redeem via GlobeOne, you may choose the following:



You may also check the Globe Rewards app for the full catalog/offers

Will I earn points from loading to my personal wallet at the same time as my commercial wallet?

As a Retailer, you’ll earn bonus points if you purchase commercial load via GlobeOne. For every P200 commercial load = 1 pt ( P200 = 1pt) . For your personal wallet, if you purchase a personal load, this will also earn you points. For every P50 personal regular load they will earn 1pt (P50 = 1pt)

Where can I view my points?

You may view your total earned and bonus points via GlobeOne and Globe Rewards app. We’ll also provide the breakdown from 4438 text notification.

How will I know if my earned points are from my personal or commercial wallet?

You can view the breakdown of your points via text from 4438. REGULAR points are points earned from your personal wallet. BONUS points are earned from your commercial wallet.

Sample message:

You have a total of 655 Globe Rewards point/s. Here's your points breakdown with expiry dates.


269 point/s on 04/01/2021


2 point/s on 07/01/2020

378 point/s on 04/01/2021

Download the Globe Rewards app via to know the list of offers you can redeem and partner stores where you can use your points as cash.

When will I receive my points?

You’ll receive a notification that your points will be given after 24 hours. You may also check your points via GlobeOne app or Globe Rewards app.


When will my points expire?

For your account as an AutoloadMax retailer, your points earned in 2020 will expire March 31, 2021. Then as a regular process of expiry of points, all points earned from January to December of the current year will be valid for redemption until March 31 of the succeeding year.

Can I still enjoy my free text?

Yes. You’ll still continue to get the 300 text for every P3,500 commercial load purchase for 1 month. 

Where can I report if I’ve experienced buying loads via GlobeOne?

You may call our AutoloadMax hotline at 2629 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Where can I use my Globe Rewards points?

You can use your points to redeem the following:

  1. Globe Telco Products (Unli call and text or Data)
  2. Partner Stores of Globe Rewards (can be used as cash or avail discount offers)
  3. Commercial Load to fund your AMAX wallets

What commercial load denomination can I buy using my rewards points?

Yes, you can use your rewards points to redeem Commercial Load via the Globe Rewards app. You can choose from CLOAD50, CLOAD100, and CLOAD300.

When will the Commercial Load be credited my account?

Once redeemed, you can automatically see the additional commercial load in your AMAX wallet. You will also receive a message to confirm this transaction.

Where can I report if I’ve experienced buying loads via GlobeOne?

You may call our AutoloadMax hotline at 2629 from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Is there a maximum limit of transaction that I can use my points to buy commercial load?

We will follow our current redemption limit of 5x a day.