Share-A-Load FAQs

What is Share-A-Load?

With Share-A-Load, you can transfer prepaid load and promo offers to other Globe Prepaid and TM customers through text!

How do I use Share-A-Load?

If you previously registered a PIN for Share-A-Load, simply text Amount PIN and send to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: 100 1212 send to 29161234567.

But if you didn't register a PIN, just text Amount and send to 2 + 10-digit prepaid number of the recipient. For example: 100 send to 29161234567.

You will be charged P1 for each transaction.

You can also use Share-A-Load by dialing *143# from your Globe mobile phone, then choose 6 for Share-Load/Promo.

How do I register for a PIN?

Just type REG <4-character PIN> <4-10-character PIN clue> and send it to 2916. P1 will be charged for this transaction.

For example: REG Milo Son send to 2916 or REG 1222 Birthday send to 2916. 


I forgot my PIN number, how can I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your PIN by texting GET MPIN Clue and sending it to 2916. You will be charged P1 for this transaction.

For example: GET Son send to 2916 or GET Birthday send to 2916.

What if I forget my MPIN clue?

If you have entered an incorrect PIN clue three times or more in a row, the following reply message will be received.

"Sorry, you have entered the wrong PIN 3x. Your Share-a-Load PIN has been blocked. Kindly dial *143#, choose Share-A-Load/Promo then reset PIN. Thank you."

After resetting is done, you will receive a text message advising you to assign another Share-A-Load PIN and PIN clue.

"Your PIN has been successfully reset. To start sharing, you need to nominate a PIN first. Text REG <4 character PIN> <4- 10 character PIN clue> to 2916. P1/transaction. TransID: XXXXXXXXX MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMPM."

How long does it take to reset my PIN and MPIN Clue?

Resetting of your MPIN will only take a few minutes.

Can I still enable and disable the function of Share-A-Load PIN?

Yes. You may still have the option to turn off or on your Share-A-Load PIN.

I received a message asking me if I want to proceed with my Share-A-Load/Promo transaction. Why am I getting this?

That is a validation message to ensure that all Share-A-Load/Promo transactions from your account are authorized. It also intends to protect you from fraudulent Share-A-Load transactions or text scams.

I got a validation message from 2652xxxxxxxxx. Is this a valid number? Should I reply to this?

Yes, that's a valid number. It's longer than the usual access numbers because it's comprised of 2652 plus your 9-digit transaction number. You may just reply "YES" if you wish to proceed with your Share-A-Load transaction.

Does the sender of the validation message change every time I share a load?

The first 4 digits, which are 2652, will not change, but the remaining 9 digits will change every time you do Share-A-Load because that is the transaction number.

Is there a time limit for me to respond to the validation message?

Yes, you have 5 minutes to reply. After which the transaction will be cancelled.

The sample message that you will receive is:

"Sorry, your Share-A-Load/Promo transaction has been cancelled because you were not able to respond within the required time period. Please try again."

When I send texts in order to confirm a transaction, do I get charged?

No, there is no fee for authorizing a transaction. However please note that all Share-A-Load transactions, whether completed or not, have a fee of P1.

How much will I be charged for using Share-A-Load?

Besides the amount you will be sharing, each Share-A-Load transaction is charged P1.

How much prepaid load/credits can I share?

You may share any amount, but please take note of the validity periods listed in the next question.

What is the validity period for Share-A-Load?

Load ValueLoad Validity
P1 - P103 Days
P11 - P5015 Days
P51 - P10030 Days
P101 - P15045 Days
P151 - P25060 Days
P251 - P29975 Days
P300 and above1 Year

Is there a limit to the amount I can share, and the number of Share-A-Load transactions I can make?

If you're on Globe Prepaid or TM, you are allowed to send a maximum of 5 transactions per day, maximum of P150 per transaction.

If you're on Postpaid, you will be subject to a default credit limit of P500 regardless of Plan subscribed to.