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How to Protect Yourself Against SIM Swap Scams - Globe

Protect Yourself Against SIM Swap Scams

What is a SIM swap scam?

A SIM swap scam is a form of scam that aims to take over your telco subscription and other digital accounts linked to your SIM.

How does a SIM swap scam work?

Criminals usually target individuals who use their mobile numbers to receive a one-time PIN (OTP) for confirming their bank transactions and online credit card purchases.

They will try to get the OTP from you through various means.  Bolder ones may call or text and directly ask for the OTP. Others will pretend to be your service provider and go to your known address to offer a SIM replacement.

Prior to executing their modus operandi, the criminals will have already gained prior knowledge of your contact details through phishing. They will be likely to have your name, address, contact number, email address, and password.

The SIM swap scam will be the last activity to reach their goal which is to get the OTP for your bank and credit card transactions.

It’s important therefore that you never reveal your OTPs to anyone. Remember that neither Globe nor any bank/legitimate institution will request those from you.

What can I do to protect myself from becoming a victim of a SIM swap scam?

1. Prevention should start with protecting your personal and sensitive information such as your name, address, mobile number, email address and password.

If these information are available to the public through your social media accounts, you may be compromising your safety and the security of your information. This makes you highly susceptible to schemes like a SIM swap scam.

2. Limit the personal information you share in your social media account and don’t share screenshots of bills where scammers can get your information. It’s important that you know how much information you’re sharing especially if you’re doing online transactions such as fund transfers, online banking, or e-commerce.

3. Use strong and unique passwords for your digital accounts and change them regularly. If a hacker is able to get your password and you use the same password on all your accounts, then all your accounts can be easily compromised.

4. If applicable to your account, use other ways of authentication such as security keys, applications or device prompts.

If you feel that a hacker or scammer has recently approached you, monitor your digital account and change your passwords/PINs immediately.

One indication that you’re being victimized by a SIM swap is that your phone number gets deactivated without reason. Also, if a total stranger asks you to turn off your phone, it’s a sign that a scam or a fraud could be in progress.

If you find yourself the victim of such a scam, report this immediately to Globe so your SIM can be deactivated.

What should I do if I’m a victim of a SIM swap scam?

  • For Postpaid - go to the GlobeOne app and request for temporary disconnection of your line under “Account Requests”
  • For Prepaid - go to the nearest Globe store

Next, Inform your credit card and bank companies immediately and report the incident to your local authority.

To recover your mobile number, go to the nearest Globe store to get a SIM replacement.

What should I do if I’m receiving text and call scams?

If you ever receive such a call or text scam, please report them to Globe through