All You Need to Know About MNP

Globe is one with the government in improving telco services, in compliance with RA 11202 (Mobile Number Portability Act). Through MNP, customers will be able to keep their primary numbers and enjoy the perks and services of a new subscription.

At present, we're able to do internal porting with the following:

✓ Globe Prepaid or TM to Globe Postpaid

✓ Globe Postpaid to Globe Prepaid or TM

✓ Globe Prepaid to TM and vice versa

We’re currently working together with other telecommunication companies in setting up external porting by 2021.

Check Your Eligibility

Only the owners (for consumers) and authorized representatives for businesses may apply for internal porting by meeting the following criteria:

An Active SIM or mobile number

Clear outstanding balance

No porting transaction in the last 60 days

No record of fraudulent activity

How to Apply for Number Porting

Discover ways how you can port your numbers:

For Prepaid and Postpaid customers

For Globe Business and Globe myBusiness customers

Globe myBusiness

  • Via Hotline: 121 (Prepaid to Postpaid)

  • Via Chat (Postpaid to Prepaid)

  • Via Account Manager for managed accounts

Globe Business

Apply for number porting through GlobeOne:


What is mobile number portability (MNP)?

Mobile number portability, or MNP, as a global practice enables a mobile phone customer to keep their number even when they switch networks or change their subscription from postpaid to prepaid and vice versa, free of charge.

Why is there a need for mobile number portability?

When implemented, MNP can help promote consumer welfare by fostering the freedom to choose and to respond to quality, price and other relevant considerations without the consumers having to change their mobile numbers whenever they change mobile service providers or subscription plans.

Will I be charged for a porting request?

As stated in the law, porting will be free of charge.