Make Surfing Better Together with The First-Ever Shareable Data Promo

Get SHARE&SURF249 and enjoy up to 20 GB* data that’s shareable with four users for seven days!

Step 1

Open your GlobeOne app. Tap "Promos" and choose “Group Data.”

Step 2

Under the "Group Data" tab, choose SHARE&SURF249.

Step 3

Manage your group data by adding members. SHARE&SURF can be shared with Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, Platinum, Home Prepaid WiFi, TM, and Mobile WiFi.

Step 4

All set! You can now enjoy up to 20 GB of data and share it to your friends and fam for 7 days.

*15 GB plus 5 GB introductory freebie

Manage Your SHARE&SURF Promo

Share Your Data with Different Devices



SHARE&SURF is the market's first-ever data promo with high data allowance usable for all sites and can be shared among four (4) mobile numbers. This pioneer offer from Globe allows sharing of data with Globe Prepaid, Globe MyFi, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, and even Home Prepaid WiFi.

SHARE&SURF249 comes with 20 GB (15 GB base data allocation + limited-time 5 GB bonus data) for 7 days, for only P249.

How do I register to SHARE&SURF?

You can register to SHARE&SURF via the GlobeOne app. Once you're successfully registered, you should be able to receive a text notification.

You may also register by dialing *143# and look for the SHARE&SURF menu. For Postpaid, choose Surfing and then SHARE&SURF. As an alternative, you can register via text by sending SS 249 to 8080.

Does this mean that I can give a specific data allowance to other customers using the data limit setting of SHARE&SURF?

Note that SHARE&SURF is a shared pool of 20 GB data that the owner (promo availers) and members can collectively use; it isn't giving exact GBs to members that they can use for themselves. An owner can set data limits to control or cap the use of each member from the 20 GB data pool, but it doesn't mean that the data limit is a guaranteed allocation to a member.  This way, it's possible for the 20 GB to be all used up by the owner or a member with no data limit and also a heavy data user.

For example, the owner has 3 members. The owner assigned a 1 GB data limit to the first member but didn't set a limit to the two other members. Both the owner and the members can use up the 20 GB pool but the first member can only use a maximum of 1 GB from the 20 GB pool.

What is a SHARE&SURF owner and member?

A SHARE&SURF owner is the customer who registered and paid for the SHARE&SURF promo. As the owner, he can enroll up to only 3 other members from Globe Prepaid, Globe Myfi, TM, Postpaid, Platinum, or Home Prepaid WiFi. He also has the authority to:

  • Add up to three members who can share in the SHARE&SURF data allocation and remove them
  • Set a data limit for SHARE&SURF members to use
  • View and track the data usage of all Share and Surf members
  • Opt out from the SHARE&SURF promo

 Meanwhile, a SHARE&SURF member is added by the owner so that he can share in the promo’s data allowance. He can do the following:

  •  View and track his own data usage
  • Leave the SHARE&SURF group