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Globe's policies and discussion on Corporate Governance (CG) related practices are in support of our corporate documents, Manual of Corporate Governance (MCG), Code of Conduct, and Charters.

Policies and Discussions

Insider Trading Policy
Board Nomination and Election Policy
Policy on Dealings in Securities by Directors
General Governance Policy on Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Policy
Policy on Related Party Transactions (RPTs)
Anti-Corruption Policy
Policy Protecting Creditors
Policy on Suppliers and Vendor Audit
Environmental Sustainability Policy
Policy and Data on Community Interaction
Whistleblowing Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Employee Rewards or Compensation Policy
Dividend Policy
Board Governance and the Board Charter
Policy on Remuneration of Board
Policy on Training of Directors and Officers
Policy on Board Diversity
Policy on Succession Planning
General Disclosure Policy
Related Party Transactions Disclosure Policy
Policy on Multiple Board Seats
Policy on Data Privacy and Intellectual Property Rights
IT Governance and Cybersecurity
Business Continuity Management Policy
Shareholders’ Right
Tax Policy Statement
Responsible Management of Reorganization Policy Commitment
Human Rights Policy Commitment
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy Commitment
Supplier Code of Ethics
Sustainable Supply Chain Policy Commitment