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Progressing Through Leadership and Fairness

As a strong advocate for Corporate Governance (CG), Globe strives for effective Investor Relations (IR) and transparency or accessibility for all stakeholders.

Complete and Timely Disclosures

As a publicly-listed company, Globe complies with regulatory requirements, rules, regulations and applicable laws as well as adopts good CG in its business and operations.

Integrity and Good Governance

To attain its corporate goals, Globe’s Board of Directors, Management, officers, and employees commit to CG principles and best practices alongside maintaining business in an aggressive environment.

Relationship with Stakeholders

Globe keeps its website updated and an open channels of communication, dialogue and feedback mechanisms for its subscribers, customers and various stakeholders.

Investor and Stakeholder Relations

Through the Investor Relations Program, Globe commits to a transparent disclosure regime and accessibility for all stakeholders.

Know Our Disclosure and Transparency Principles Better

Complete and Timely Disclosures

As a listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and the Philippine Dealing Exchange, with reportorial requirements, rules, and applicable laws as well as regulations of relevant regulatory agencies, Globe aims to provide a fair, accurate, complete, and meaningful assessment of our company’s financial performance and prospects through the annual report, quarterly financial reports, and analyst presentations. Globe practices the regular disclosure of financial results. Quarterly financial results are immediately disclosed after the approval by the Board to PSE and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Quarterly and year-end financial statements and detailed management’s discussion and analysis are filed within 45 and 105 calendar days, respectively from the end of the financial period. The financial reporting disclosures are in compliance with the PSE and SEC requisites. Globe drives management and respective departments to release its audited financial statements within 60 days from financial year-end, in compliance with the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard standard that is earlier than the local regulatory deadline. These reports are made available to the analysts after disclosure, as well as released through various media channels and on the company website.

In case of mergers, acquisitions, and/ or takeovers requiring shareholders’ approval, the board of directors of the offeree company shall appoint an independent party to evaluate the fairness of the transaction price. Such shall be disclosed in Globe Telecom's financial statements and relevant reports. Globe shall also ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations prescribed by the SEC and the PSE. The Office of the Chief Compliance Officer is crucial in upholding the culture of good CG and regulatory compliance. Any market-sensitive information such as dividend declaration is also disclosed to the SEC and PSE, and then released through various modes of communication.

Culture of Integrity and Good Governance

As strong advocates of fairness, accountability, transparency, integrity, and sustainability in all aspects of the business, the Board of Directors, Management, officers, and all employees commit to the principles and best practices of CG in the attainment of corporate goals aligned with Globe Telecom’s strategic direction. The thrust for a CG proactive business culture emanates from the top. In upholding good CG within Globe Telecom's corporate culture, the Board also adheres to its Board Charter, as a supplement to Globe Telecom's By-Laws, Manual of Corporate Governance, and Code of Conduct (CoC).

The Board also encourages environmental concern, sustainability, and social responsibility among employees and stakeholders. This motivates the company to participate in domestic and regional CG forums, conferences, fellowships, and initiatives. It is also instrumental in encouraging sustainable development and empowering the organization for responsible business operations and working alongside local government and other institutional partners to contribute to solving complex global challenges that may affect the company. The Board sets the tone and makes a stand against corrupt practices reflected through our anti-corruption policy and program espoused in our CoC.

The Management is continuously committed to high standards of disclosure, transparency, and accountability. The management established the sustainability policy and reviews its adequacy at the highest level periodically and allocated resources to ensure effective implementation. The practice of sustainability reporting was implemented as a means to provide fair, accurate, and meaningful assessment of its overall performance on triple bottom line (viz. Economic, Environment, and Social) responsibility to our stakeholders including investors.

Globe employees, who we call "Ka-Globe,” are always treated to a quarterly, themed "Ka-Globe Jam," our version of a corporate town hall.


Intended to be a more casual take on reporting the company's performance and activities, the Ka-Globe Jam aims to not only report on our quarterly business results and happenings in and around the company, but to also cascade general directions from our leaders about how to steer the company forward.

Transparency and Connection with Customers and Stakeholders

Globe fully understands that the changes and progress in digital lifestyle include the fast-paced character of its customers, shareholders, and different stakeholders. For this, the company website must also be an effective channel of information and a manifestation of CG advocacy. Among other information, the website is updated with corporate announcements, reports, and disclosures that are accessible to all stakeholders.

The website is maintained regularly to ensure user-friendliness, accessibility, accuracy of information, and relevance for all our stakeholders. The company website has dedicated pages to CG, IR, and Sustainability, among other relevant pages. Subscribers and stakeholders are encouraged to explore the CG and IR pages of the website to learn more about Globe Telecom's wonderful corporate culture apart from products and services.

Investor Relations and Open Communication with Shareholder and Stakeholders

In accordance with Globe Telecom's strong advocacy for CG, the company recognizes the importance of regular communication with its investors, and is committed to high standards of disclosure, transparency, and accountability through its IR Program. This program is geared towards fulfilling Globe Telecom's commitment to a transparent disclosure regime and accessibility for all stakeholders.

In addition to the Annual Stockholders’ Meeting, Globe extends various venues for stakeholders to communicate effectively with the company through the conduct of analysts’ briefings, ad-hoc briefings, investor conferences, media briefings, one-on-one or small group meetings, and investor days that are organized by the IR Department and/or Corporate Communications Group or in partnership with shareholders, broker, or other partner institutions. Other than keeping the company website up-to-date, these venues provide another means for Globe to discuss quarterly financial results, announcements, material disclosures, and other relevant information with stakeholders. Globe continues to streamline communication efforts and enhance several customer touch points, enabling them to interact with Globe at their convenience. Among other enhancements, Globe utilizes email, live chat, SMS, website, and social media channels (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to provide customers with real-time information and quicker responses to concerns. A conference call facility is setup during analysts’ briefings and meetings to enable wider participation among shareholders and other stakeholders. Globe also participates in both local and international investor conferences, which host various shareholders and other stakeholders. Details and information on these conferences are published on the corporate website. Globe sustains this convenient and accessible line of communication through the IR Program in the last financial year and will continue to enhance this in the succeeding years.

Annual Corporate Governance Report

ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard