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Globe Honors Pride Month with Commitment to Make Workplace ‘Home’ for LGBTQIA+ Employees

In all of his 12 years in Globe, Ericson Blue Sta. Maria has never witnessed any form of exclusion against individuals from the LGBTQIA+ community. 


Sta. Maria, a Senior Expert in People Engagement & Capability Enablement in Globe’s Network Technical Group (NTG), said Globe makes people from his community feel that they belong, with all the benefits it provides and initiatives it undertakes to support queer people.


“The majority of our Ka-Globe colleagues are inclusive and supportive of community members. This inclusive environment allows us to thrive in our respective roles and ensures equal opportunities for all,” said Sta. Maria. 


Mark Anthony Dimaisip, Senior Manager for Employee Engagement, echoed this, saying Globe is “one of the safest spaces for queer people.”  


“We've had drag queens performing in our events years and years before we had Drag Race Philippines. We allow employees to dress according to the gender that they identify with. We accept all types of hairstyles, nail colors, or piercings. But most importantly, queer people already thrive and excel here,” he said. 


For Anne Calma, Director and Head of Globe’s Subcultures team, the company serves as an “ally” for the queer community. 


“Not only is this a space where creative and tech queer talents are seen but also where representation and opportunities in leadership positions serve as an inspiration for the next generation like me, who aspired to create change, unbound by gender identity. Globe is an ally and it's exciting to welcome the growing queer community in the workplace today and in the years to come,” she said. 


Globe’s support for the LGBTQIA+ community has been on full display this Pride Month, celebrating with a host of events and activities aimed at fostering an inclusive workplace environment to queer community feel more at home. 



Globe’s #IBelongAtGlobe campaign.

Globe’s #IBelongAtGlobe campaign encouraged employees to embrace who they are.

On June 19, Globe held the #IBelongAtGlobe campaign, which encouraged employees to show their authentic selves by declaring who they are on their own social media pages. Employees also got the chance to make this real-world declaration by choosing an identity magnet that defines them from the #IBelongAtGlobe wall in the lobby of The Globe Tower. 


On the same day, Globe celebrated PRIDE with an event titled KIMI (Kulay Itayo Mo’t Ibandera), which featured performances from drag queens Tiny Deluxe and Astrid Mercury, and queer comedian Baus Rufo from Comedy Manila. Employees also took part in the PRIDE March right inside Globe’s premises. 


The event was co-hosted by Eugene Sangalang, Lead for Culture and People Services under the Employee Experience Division of Globe Business. Like other Ka-Globe from the queer community, he has experienced the inclusivity promoted within the company. 


“Being promoted twice in five years is a testament to Globe’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding employees based on performance and merit rather than gender or personal preferences,” he said. 


Similar initiatives were also held in Globe offices across the country. 


Indeed, Globe’s progressive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policy makes it stand out in the industry, and it has become known as a workplace where employees from the LGBTQIA+ community feel embraced and supported. 


“At Globe, we are intentional in making everyone feel embraced, included, and supported. We celebrate diversity beyond PRIDE Month, and we make sure that people from the queer community feel that they belong every day,” said Renato Jiao, Globe’s Chief Human Resource Officer.

Globe employees celebrating PRIDE Month in the company’s office.

Globe employees recently celebrated PRIDE Month with its own PRIDE March and other activities in the company’s offices across the country.

Here’s how Globe puts inclusivity to practice:


Improved Flexible Benefits and Equal Opportunities 


As an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community, the company, since 2020, has expanded its benefits to same-sex legal spouses of regular employees as qualified dependents and additional beneficiaries of company-initiated benefits such as healthcare and insurance coverage. To make it more inclusive, starting in 2023, common-law/domestic partners, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, are recognized as qualified extended dependents, making them eligible for medical insurance. 


Inclusive Facilities 


In 2023, Globe launched inclusive restrooms in line with its DEI policy. This allows employees of all genders to use the same restrooms. Currently, Globe has a total of 47 inclusive restrooms: 20 in its offices in Metro Manila, mostly at its Taguig headquarters, and 27 in regional offices. 


Safe Space 


Pride Month serves as a time to recognize the contributions, struggles, and triumphs of the LGBTQIA+ community while promoting acceptance, equality, and inclusivity. 


In line with the spirit of this annual celebration, Globe actively promotes a culture of acceptance and understanding through its Pride activations, which include learning sessions and community events, and employee resource groups, fostering a welcoming environment for all individuals to express themselves freely.


Through its unwavering support for the LGBTQIA+ community, Globe not only upholds its values but also unlocks the full potential of its diverse workforce, driving innovation and success for the company and the communities it serves. More details on how Globe fosters an inclusive workforce are found in the 2023 Globe Integrated Report.


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