Building a Greener World

At Globe, we help care for the environment through our commitment to creating or supporting sustainable and clean programs that will benefit every Filipino and eventually, the world.

Project 1 Phone

This program is part of Globe's continuing efforts to build the nation after Typhoon Yolanda and its commitment to sustainability. It is a recovery and recycling program that ensures e-wastes such as old mobile phones do not end up in landfills.


Hineleban Foundation

Hineleban Foundation supports indigenous people in Lanao del Sur and Bukidnon through various reforestation initiatives to create livelihood opportunities.

Our reforestation program covers 6 mountain ranges in Mindanao. For every P100 donation, a tree will be planted in your name, and you get to help both the primary rainforests and their stewards.


Explore More Initiatives

Digital Nation

We make education technology accessible to all and shape responsible digital citizens of tomorrow.

Care for People

We provide employment opportunities and economic growth within our value chain.

Positive Societal Impact

We play an active part in community development by using our people and technology as a catalyst of positive change.