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Get 50% off on NBA League Pass with Globe Prepaid from February 7 to March 1, 2020! 

  • Just text NBA285 for one-month NBA League Pass and NBA50 for NBA 3-Game Pass to 8080! 

  • Wait for the confirmation text with the voucher code and instructions for redemption.

  • Enjoy watching live games!

Limited Live Games Yes YesNoYes
Condensed Highlights Yes YesYesNo
Every Season, All-Star and Finals Game—live and on-demandYes NoNoNo
More chances to win exclusive NBA experiences and discountsYesNoNoNo
Daily recaps and analysis from Legends such as Isiah Thomas and Kevin McHaleYesNoNoNo
Choice of commentators from every teamYesNoNoNo
Customizable views for mobile, TV, and tabletYesNoNoNo

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Get discounted NBA subscriptions now using the keywords:

  • NBA485 for a one-month NBA League Pass at only P485
  • NBA220 for a one-month NBA Team Pass at only P220
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  • NBA85 for 3-game Choice Pass at only P85

How to subscribe?

Step 1

Text the keyword of your choice to 8080.

Step 2

Wait for the confirmation text with the voucher code for your subscription.

Step 3

Log in to your account, and input the voucher code in the NBA website link mentioned in the text message.

Step 4

Open the NBA app, and enjoy watching LIVE NBA games!


Where can I watch or access NBA games?

You can use the following to enjoy your NBA League Pass subscription:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile phones (iPhone and Android)

Can I download games on my phone?

Yes, you may download games of the current season to your phone for offline viewing. These games are viewable until August 31, before the start of the next season.

I’m currently subscribed to NBA League Pass using my credit card. Can I charge it to my plan/number instead?

No. You'll need to finish your subscription with your credit card first before subscribing to Globe’s NBA League Pass Offer.