Filipino BL Series ‘Gaya Sa Pelikula’ Is Our New Guilty Pleasure

You can stream the first three episodes right here, too

The quarantine slump seems unavoidable now, which is why we’re constantly on the lookout for a good fix. Once, to get inspiring, good-for-you content on our timelines, we set our sights on this new social space for self-care. For a fun, refreshing take on all things pop culture, we got on the Globe /Poppin’ train, too.

Most recently, our attention shifted to Gaya Sa Pelikula, a new series belonging to the “Boy Love” genre, that we now cannot stop talking about.

Its premiere was a great way to close out September—and this web series has sustained us since. Written by Juan Miguel Severo (Hintayan ng Langit) and directed by JP Habac (I’m Drunk, I Love You), the charm of Gaya Sa Pelikula lies in its ability to go beyond gush-worthy storylines and kilig moments in order to deliver nuanced representations of the queer community.

As Habac told pop culture and style platform Wonder: “Sabay-sabay natin bawiin ang kwento nating mga bakla (Together, let’s take back our queer stories).” This is also Globe Studios’ first foray into this kind of project—as recounted by Wonder, one that is “supported, conceptualized, produced and starred in by members of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

With just three episodes released so far (and each one with a 21 to 29-minute run time), catching up is no problem. Get ready to get hooked yourself on the story of Karl (Paolo Pangilinan) and Vlad (Ian Pangilinan), and stream Gaya Sa Pelikula below.

Episode 1

Karl has his semestral break all planned out: move into his uncle’s apartment; save enough money for rent; and learn to live independently. But everything changes when a mysterious neighbor trespasses inside his unit.

Episode 2

Uncomfortable with Vlad staying over, Karl throws him out. But when his guilt gets to him, he struggles to make a decision. Will he allow Vlad to stay with him in secret?

Episode 3

Living with someone becomes a challenge of patience for Karl, especially that Vlad is not fulfilling their agreement on the chores. Can they survive cohabitating with one another?

Catch brand-new episodes of Gaya Sa Pelikula every Friday at 8PM on Globe Studios’ YouTube channel. Get #GayaSaPelikula updates on your timeline and follow the BL series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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