10 Ways to Entertain and Educate Kids During Quarantine

Remember last year when you could bring your kids to an indoor playground or take them out for a nice meal without little worry? Good times

Two months have passed since the first reported case of COVID-19 in the country, with the national total breaching the 1,000 mark and counting. The entire Luzon area, as well as other regions, are now placed under “enhanced community quarantine” to contain the spread of the coronavirus. 

With families confined in their homes and daily routines on pause, your patience and creativity may be tested as you keep your children occupied and productive. Thankfully, you don’t have to go outdoors to bond and have fun with your children. Stay #SafeAtHome and try these kids’ activities to keep your brood in high spirits (and yourself, sane) during this coronavirus quarantine. Let’s dive into it! 

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1. Take Them on a Virtual Museum Tour

Thanks to technology, you can now visit several museums around the world without leaving your home. Google Arts & Culture partnered with more than thousands of museums and galleries across the globe to provide everyone with virtual tours of some of the most well-known museums. 

For starters, you can explore the Van Gogh Museum and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. Take this time as an opportunity to educate your kids about art, history and culture around the world. 

2. Binge-watch Nature Documentaries on Netflix

Watching nature documentaries is one of the best bonding activities you can do as a family for now. Kids adore animals. Plus, they’re curious by nature, which makes it an excellent activity that will keep them entertained (and informed). 

If you have a Netflix account, you’re in for a good collection of nature documentaries that both you and your kids will enjoy, such as Our Planet, Night on Earth, 72 Cutest Animals and Dancing with the Birds

3. Watch Theater Plays and Musicals Online

If you can’t think of a good movie to watch with your kids, consider introducing them to plays and musicals that are sure to grab their attention. There’s a streaming service called BroadwayHD that allows you to watch live theater performances and theater-related documentaries from your couch.  Who knows, after all this blows over, you may have a theater kid to take to live shows. 

4. Listen to Podcasts for Kids

If you enjoy listening to podcasts, why not try and see if your kids will feel the same? Since school is on pause, it can be a relaxing way to help them learn about the world in a new way. Plus, listening to podcasts can get your kids off the screen for a while. 

Listen together to podcasts for kids (like Sesame Street) as a family to kickstart discussions that can last for days. 

5. Read-at-Home Bingo

While you’re at home monitoring your kids, take this time to improve your kids’ reading skills. Read-at-Home Bingo is a perfect and fun way to encourage them to practice their reading and enjoy it while they do. Here’s a template you can use.

6. Turn Kid-Friendly Recipes into Math

Whether you’re into baking or cooking, you can ask your children to lend a hand. Have them prepare the measurements to help you when baking a cookie. A little math and measuring tools, and you’ll have some nice batch of freshly baked cookies or brownies! 

7. Make Slime or Play Dough at Home

There are different ways you can make slime at home. The easiest one is using flour and sugar, which are ingredients you may have readily available in your pantry. You can add the use food coloring to make different color variants. 

If your little ones prefer to play with play dough, you can make one with them as well with easy-to-find ingredients. All you need are flour, salt, oil, water and food coloring. You can follow this tutorial as you make one with your kids. 

8. Set Up an Indoor Obstacle Course for a Fun Physical Activity

Bahay-bahayan is so ‘90s. For kids of this generation, modernize the traditional playhouse game by making an obstacle course at home. Use your yarn as balance lines or build a bridge with your dining chairs. Here’s a fun motor obstacle course you can do at home. 

9. Board Game Night (or Day)

Encourage your kids to put away their tablets or smartphones and play board games with you. During isolation like this, it’s an excellent time to take out your collection of board games to pass the time and bond with your family. You can make up fun rules to make your sessions more exciting. 

10. Plan a Treasure Hunt

Keep your kids on their feet by setting up a fun treasure hunt. Depending on your theme and number of participants, you can hide away 10 to 15 items around the house. You can use picture clues, word scrambles or anagrams to help them find the hidden treasure. It’s an engaging game for all ages! 

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Spend Some Quality Family Time in Isolation

Keeping your kids entertained at home is a challenge, especially when in the middle of a pandemic. To survive this quarantine, keep as much normalcy for your kids as you can. Try the activities above with your kids during the quarantine. This will help strengthen your bond as a family and maintain a positive vibe at home.

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