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Insta-Workouts: Ab Exercises You Can Copy Straight Off Instagram

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The perks of following a fitness guru on Instagram are plenty: A quick scan of their feed can motivate you to hit the gym or inspire you to take on a healthier lifestyle. It’s also where you can pick up instructional videos of entire tried, tested and trusted fitness routines. Unlike traditional fitness videos you sign up for or order online, these insta-workouts are short, straight-to-the-point and play on a loop, so they’re perfect to have on-hand while at the gym. They’re also free (always a nice added bonus.)


Instead of keeping multiple videos on your saved posts on Instagram, however, try this single-page list for fitness routines you can just scroll through. And it’s all about abs this week.


Here, we round up ab circuits tailored by Krissy Cela, a London-based fitness enthusiast, third year law student and the brains, beauty and bod behind


via @krissycela on Instagram


Now famous for her buy-online workout guides and meal plans, Krissy enjoys taking to Instagram to share clips of easy to moderate surefire workouts, helping her followers get a step closer to the tight and toned abs of their dreams. No, really, the amazing body transformations of Krissy’s followers-turned-clients-turned-friends don’t lie.


Ab Circuit with a Medicine Ball

Repeat this circuit four times with no breaks between exercises. Take a two-minute break after each round.


Oblique ball slams, 1 minute


Cocoons, 1 minute 


Sitting cocoons, 1 minute 

Single leg toe touches, 1 minute 


Core Workout

Repeat this circuit six times with no breaks between exercises. Take a two-minute break after each round.


Flutter kicks, 1 minute


Bicycle crunches, 1 minute


Single leg raises, 1 minute


Oblique crunches, 30 seconds per side


Ab Circuit with an Exercise Mat

Repeat this circuit four times with no breaks between exercises. Take a 45-second break after each round.


Single-leg raises, 20 reps each side


Side twists, 15 reps each side 


Plank with hands in front, 1 minute 


Cocoons, 25 reps


Follow Krissy on Instagram for more workout routines you can try at the gym!

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