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Resistance Band Workouts to Try - go!
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Ditch the Dumbbells (For Now): Here, Resistance Band Workouts to Try

How you can do more with resistance bands AKA booty bands

The beauty of fitness is that you can (and should!) personalize your experience. Limited space shouldn’t stop you from getting an effective cardio workout in (that’s whether you’re at home or at the gym).

On that note, you can look into equipment you can begin investing in or make do with alternatives you likely already have. Back to the former, though: don’t think that dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells and other kinds of weights are your only ticket to getting lean. Something worth considering? The lightweight but heavy-duty resistance band that definitely shouldn’t be thought of as just for physical therapy or Pilates.

Also known as the booty band, this simple elastic band is great for activating the various muscle groups, so you can better sculpt and tone them. A single set of resistance bands allows you to create more intense variations of the typical circuits for arms, abs, legs and more, which makes this a reasonable place to start, too, on the topic of fitness investments. 

Need a visual on just how you can make the most out of your workout with resistance bands? Scroll through, watch, and follow along on your next workout.

10-Minute Upper Body Workout With Pamela Reif

Fitness influencer Pamela Reif knows the resistance band is not to be underestimated. In her 10-minute circuit for working out the upper body, she combines bodyweight exercise moves with resistance band moves guaranteed to leave the upper body burning. “This is insane for muscle activation,” she shares on the video description. “You will feel all the different parts of your upper body working!” Additionally, she adds: “You can decrease [the] intensity by dropping the booty band and doing [the workout] with an imaginary one. You can increase the intensity by using a stronger booty band or two at once.”

15-Minute Toned and Defined Arm Workout With Angela Kajo

Another workout to help you feel the upper-body burn, Angela Kajo’s video is one designed to help you “tone and strengthen your triceps, biceps, shoulders and upper back.” What’s great about this resistance band workout variation for arms is that you don’t need a mat to execute it.

10-Minute Ab Workout With Mary Braun

Another short but sweet workout video. This 10-minute, ab-shredding routine is a killer. One way to ease yourself into it is to start by following along with fitness trainer Mary Braun without the resistance band. Get your body used to the circuit by going equipment-free two or three times a week. Once you’re well acquainted with the exercises, incorporate your resistance band.

Resistance Band Back Workout With Well+Good

In its YouTube workout series with fitness trainer and health coach Bec Donlan, Well+Good rounds up key moves for an effective back workout with resistance bands. “These back exercises will target all those muscles you might not be working that will help out your posture and core strength,” the video description reads. “You can do this workout anywhere you can bring a resistance band.” This video features six moves (15 reps each), meant to be completed twice.

Booty Workout With Resistance Bands With Holly Dolke

Fitness YouTuber Holly Dolke is not messing around with this glute workout. In just 12 minutes, follow along and tone that backside, giving your glutes a nice lift as you work toward giving them definition. The workout moves featured are as follows: side steps, step backs, crab walks, pulse outs, lower band side lifts, bridges, hold bridge pulses, butterfly bridges, pulses, hip abductor pulses, side lifts, bent leg lifts with pulses, Supermans, and finally, donkey kicks. 

15-Minute Leg Workout With Sami Clarke

Of course, we can’t leave out leg day. In the workout ahead with certified health, wellness and fitness trainer Sami Clarke, see how resistance bands can figure into your next workout focusing on your calves and thighs. These 14 moves combine bodyweight and resistance band exercises, where all you need are your bands and a workout mat.

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