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New to Yoga? Let These 4 YouTube Channels Help - go!
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New to Yoga? Let These 4 YouTube Channels Help

Jump-start your yoga journey with these four YouTube channels

There are days where we’re not in the mood to jump and workout intensely, yet we’re still looking for ways to sweat it out. It’s a constant push and pull: the desire to take it slow, which goes against the need to stay in shape. Well, the answer to these woes might be, you guessed it, yoga. 

It’s the perfect exercise for when you want to take it easy or if you’re just hunting for a gentler but equally fulfilling workout to do. Aside from its physical fitness benefits, yoga also helps in clearing your mind. The meditation and breathing techniques that are taught along with it help relieve stress, which is something we all need lately.

But to be honest, looking for a yoga practice and yogi fit for you require trial and error. Some prefer apps, while some prefer actual instructors to guide them through. What works for your friends or strangers on the internet might not work for you, so we rounded up some YouTube yoga channels to help as you start out.

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Yoga With Adriene

When you ask around for any kind of introduction to the practice, Yoga With Adriene might be one of the YouTube yoga channels recommended by your peers and the internet. Adriene started her platform in 2012 and since then has uploaded 500 free yoga videos for everyone to enjoy. Her channel has a wide selection of sequences, ranging from varied, monthly challenges to yoga routines addressing specific needs, such as back pain and stress.

Yoga With Kassandra

Yoga With Kassandra is another free yoga favorite on YouTube. The practices in her channel also cater to any type of need we have, whether it’s a guided meditation in the morning or full body stretch for evenings . Aside from that, Kassandra offers longer practices with varying levels of difficulty.  In case you want to change it up on some days, she also has some fitness videos that concentrate on one body part you might want to develop along the way.

Jessamyn Stanley Yoga

Imagine your best friend teaching you yoga, that’s the energy from Jessamyn Stanley's videos. Jessamyn is a yogi that sounds a little less formal than the others. Her practice also proves that all bodies can get into fitness and yoga. She’s there to guide you through 10 to 60 minute practices for the whole body, all the while honoring your pace and the level that you can reach. By the end of the videos, you’ll be feeling lighter and clearer.

Yoga With Bird

Looking for more YouTube yoga channels that offer short practices you can squeeze in between your lunch break? Or perhaps you need a fallback for the days you’re too tired to go for a 30-minute practice? Yoga With Bird has a lot of snackable yoga sequences that give you and your body a space to stretch your body and zone out for a while. If you’re looking for a longer practice, you can do one after the other, concentrating on different parts of your body.

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Part of keeping your health in check is to consistently exercise, move around and stretch. But don’t forget that it goes hand in hand with eating healthy food and staying hydrated!

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