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How to Pick the Best Postpaid Plan for You - go!

How to Pick the Best Postpaid Plan for You

Whether you’re thinking of switching to postpaid or you want to change your current plan, learn how to pick the best one for you

Postpaid plans are a convenient way to get the most out of your smartphone experience. No more running out of data in the middle of streaming a show on Netflix or not having enough load to call your loved ones when something urgent comes up.

There are tons of options out there, though, so how do you know which postpaid plan is best for you? Luckily, we created a quick guide for you to find out.

What kind of mobile phone user are you?

The answer to this question will most likely determine your base plan.

  • I’m a frequent caller and texter

If you rely on SMS and calls to contact people, your postpaid plan should focus on this. ThePLAN and ThePLAN PLUS both offer unlimited calls to Globe/TM, unlimited texts to all networks and 100 minutes for calls to other networks. Those call minutes can double, triple or even reach unlimited credits depending on how much your plan is. The best part? Both plans include mobile data usage.

  • I’m a heavy mobile data user

If you use your smartphone to stream all day long, play online games or connect with your friends and family through apps like Facebook, Instagram and Viber, then focusing on mobile data plans is better for you. ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plus Plan allow all-month data surfing and accelerated earning of Globe Rewards Points that you can use for bill rebates and more.

What does a best-value deal look like for you?

Based on your answer from the first question, you should be able to look at the following and pick the essential parts of your postpaid plan:

  • The number of calls and texts–Choose between unlimited or consumable SMS/ calls to all networks, depending on your needs. Unlimited plans mean higher monthly payouts, so be mindful of your budget.

  • Data allocation–Pick a realistic plan that will cover your data needs for one month. Consider your social media and online usage habits.

  • Gadget options–Are you planning to get a new device? Globe plans that come with a handset like ThePLAN and ThePLATINUM Plan both offer the latest models from top brands for an affordable way to upgrade your phone. Take note that the cash-out amount varies.

  • Plan inclusions or freebies–All postpaid plans allow you to customize for free data allocation to certain social networking apps, while some come with a free six-month subscription to streaming sites like iflix and Amazon Prime.

  • Access to exclusive deals and rewardsThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plus Plan allow users to enjoy up to triple Globe Rewards Points, priority handling in Globe stores, 24/7 priority support, access to international airport lounges and the ability to customize their mobile number, among others.

What are your other needs and preferences?

  • I don’t need a new device

It’s possible to get a Globe postpaid plan without paying for a new handset. Choose ThePLAN PLUS or ThePLATINUM Plus Plan to get a SIM-only plan.

  • I don’t mind a lock-in period for my plan

Lock-in periods are typically for plans that include a new device, such as ThePLAN and ThePLATINUM Plan. Whereas, ThePLAN PLUS or ThePLATINUM Plus Plan are perfect if you don’t want a contract binding you to your plan.

  • I need data roaming allowance due to frequent travel

Do you travel a lot? ThePLATINUM Plan and ThePLATINUM Plus Plan offer data roaming allowance, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection or extra charges when connecting online in a different country. 

Stay Connected with Globe Postpaid Plans

Do you already know the best postpaid plan for you? You can now browse and apply for postpaid plans easily online! Check out more information at the Globe shop and easily customize your new plan to your liking.

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