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Globe At Home GFiber Unli Plans - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home: GFiber Unli Plans

What is this new offer from Globe At Home?

Globe At Home has new high-speed UNLI internet plans bundled with free content for an enhanced connectivity and entertainment experience at home:

Plan 1599 - 50Mbps UNLI - DOP, comes with Free 50Mbps for 3 months & Free Content

Plan 2099 - 150Mbps UNLI  - Bundled with Free Content and Landline

Plan 2699 - 300Mbps UNLI - Bundled with Free Content and Landline

Plan 4999 - 500Mbps UNLI - Bundled with Free Content and Landline

Plan 9499 - 1Gbps UNLI - Bundled with Free Content and Landline

(Available for VDSL Plan 1599 at 50 mbps only)

Why do I have a Free 50Mbps speed boost?

This +50Mbps speed boost promo comes free with your Plan 1599, para mas better ang experience! Pagkatapos ng 3 mos, your GFiber Plan ay babalik na sa original speed of your subscribed plan.

Who are eligible for this offer?

This offer is proactively offered to new & existing customers.

When is the offer valid?

February 1, 2022.

What are the free content subscriptions that come with these plans?

Starting Plan 1599  and up: Free 3 months for HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, VIU & KonsultaMD

All redeemable via Globe At Home App.

Where can I avail this offer?

The new wired Globe At Home offers will be available in clusters (FSO, RSO), stores (GOS and PD), and GOTS.

I want to add a paid device. Can I do so?

Device add-ons are benefits provided to loyal subscribers of Globe At Home. This benefit can be enjoyed once your broadband subscription reaches its 6th month. By then, you may avail add-on devices from the Globe At Home app.

I am only serviceable by wireless. Can I avail this plan.

This new Globe At Home plans are only open to our VDSL and Fiber technologies. 

(Available for VDSL Plan 1599 at 50 mbps only )

For wireless, these are the plans available for installation. 

P1,299 - 5/10Mbps 150GB LTE 

P1,299 - 5Mbps 400GB MIMO

P1,699 - 10Mbps 500GB MIMO

P1,699 - 20Mbps 600GB MIMO

Can I still get a free landline with these new Globe At Home plans?

All plans starting 2099 and up  come with free landline with unli calls to Globe and TM for 24 mos.

Paid landline as an add-on for Plan 1599  is no longer offered.

What is the contract period for this new offer?

For Filipinos and foreigners who did not pay modem fee, standard lockup of 24 mos applies. 

For Filipinos and foreigners who paid modem fee, your plan will have no lockup.