Home Prepaid WiFi Online SIM Replacement

How do I request for SIM replacement online?

Step 1: Message the Globe At Home Facebook page at m.me/globeathome

Step 2: Input an active mobile number that our authorized Globe representatives may use to contact you about your request.

Step 3: Wait for the delivery of your new Home Prepaid WiFi SIM via our accredited courier.

Step 4: Wait for a message containing instructions on how to correctly install your new SIM.

Step 5: Register your new Home Prepaid WiFi SIM number in your New GlobeOne app so you can continue to enjoy the latest promos and track your data usage

I requested for a SIM replacement for my Prepaid WiFi via Globe At Home Facebook Messenger. Do I still need to book an appointment to have my SIM replaced at the Globe store?

No need! Globe At Home will deliver your Prepaid WiFi SIM to your home. Just wait for our courier to contact you via the mobile number that you have provided on the form. Once they have arrived at your location, you will just need to personally receive your delivery.

That's great! Do I need to pay for the SIM replacement that I requested via Globe At Home Facebook Messenger?

Don't worry- the online sim replacement service is FREE!

Why do I need to request for a new Prepaid WiFi SIM? GP / TM / GOMO SIM works totally fine!

When you're using the Prepaid WiFi SIM intended for your device, you will have access to the most affordable promos from Globe At Home. You will also be able to avail of promos exclusive for the Globe Prepaid WiFi community!

Note that unauthorized tampering (such as replacing the SIM with GP / TM / GOMO or other SIMs) will void warranty.

I'm not sure if my account is still active or not. How can I find out?

Once you have made a request in the Globe at Home Facebook page, the customer representative will validate if your account is still active or not.

It says that my account is not active due to no loading activity for over 12 months. I was just able to load last week- why is it still inactive?

Please send an email regarding your concern via the Globe At Home app and a Globe At Home customer service representative will get in touch with you.

How will I know If I need to change my SIM? What will be the indicator on my modem?

If you are unable to load your Prepaid WiFi SIM or the "network" light on your modem is red after several attempts of resetting, you will need to have your Prepaid WiFi SIM replaced.

What if the new SIM that was just delivered to me is defective? What should I do?

Kindly send a message to the Globe At Home Facebook Messenger and submit a new request so that we can replace your defective SIM.

How do I go about the warranty seal after I replace the SIM myself?

Instructions will be sent together with your new replacement SIM on how to insert and apply the warranty sticker to your modem.