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Globe Online - Globe Help & Support

Globe Online

What is Globe Online?

Globe Online will be the digital companion for all your Globe needs, a place where you can purchase Globe products and monitor the status of your order. To access Globe Online, type on any browser. This website requires internet access.

As of now, Home Prepaid WiFi is available for purchase in Globe Online. Other services such as buying load and availing of lifestyle freebies will soon be made available also.

When buying through Globe Online, accepted payment methods are:

  • GCash
  • Credit/debit cards (VISA and MasterCard)
  • Over-the-counter
  • Cash on delivery (COD)

Right after your purchase, you'll be provided with a reference number which you can use to track your order. You'll also receive an electronic official receipt for your purchase and this will be sent to the email address indicated in your order.

How soon can I receive my order from Globe Online?

When buying from Globe Online, you can choose from two delivery options:

  • Standard delivery (Takes 3-5 days)
  • Express or next-day delivery

The cut-off time for express delivery is as follows:

  1. Next-day delivery applies to orders received by 3 PM.
  2. Orders received from 3:01 pm onwards will take 2 days

Orders to locations outside the delivery (ODA) area of our couriers will take within 3 days as this will be handled by our local distributors in your area.

You can track your order by clicking "Track my Order" found in the upper right of the confirmation page. You'll also receive a text from our courier when your item is on its way.

In case you're not around on the delivery date to receive your order personally, you may indicate in your order that a recipient will receive it on your behalf.

I missed the delivery attempts for my Home Prepaid WiFi order; will there be another attempt?

After three maximum delivery attempts, your order will automatically be cancelled. To reorder, simply go to Globe Online again.

How can I place an order if the site keeps redirecting me to another webpage?

If you're being redirected to another webpage, you may go directly to our webpage by typing on your browser.

What should I do if I accidentally close the website while buying, or if I get a timeout error while buying a Home Prepaid WiFi?

Don't worry, your order will continue to be processed. You'll receive a text message confirming the status of your payment. Please save your reference number in order to track your order.

For failed transactions, please try again. 

What should I do if my reference number doesn't show my order status?

After full payment, the Globe Online website should provide a reference number which you can use to track your order. You may raise a concern through Globe Online by clicking the "Raise a concern" button.

What should I do in case of the following errors: "Not enough GCash balance" or "Please contact your issuing bank."?

Before paying with GCash, kindly ensure that you have enough balance in your wallet.

For credit/debit card payments, please make sure that you have enough credit limit or account balance before making a payment. You may contact your issuing bank if the issue persists.

What should I do if my payment transaction failed but the amount was deducted from my GCash balance/debit card or charged to my credit card?

For GCash concerns, kindly contact GCash Support so they can assist you with this issue.

For credit/debit card concerns, you may contact your bank support for assistance.

What should I do if the Home Prepaid WiFi modem that I bought from Globe Online isn't working?

You can troubleshoot through the website by clicking the support button or you may ask for a replacement via a Globe store.

How can I check my delivery history in case I don't receive my order on my preferred delivery schedule?

You may check your delivery history through the "Track your Order" link that was sent to you via text, which also contains the Airway Bill or Reference No. and the delivery date.