GoWiFi Auto

What is GoWiFi Auto?

GoWiFi Auto is the premium service of GoWiFi. It allows you to extend your browsing time beyond the free and to connect to numerous GoWiFi hotspots automatically (no portal, no ads).

First-time users on select mobile networks can avail of a free 3-day trial!

*Actual speed may vary depending on the Wi-Fi signal strength, number of users actively using the network at the same time, and wireless interference from other devices (such as pocket Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microwaves). A theoretical speed of 100Mbps will take one second to download a 12MB file.

Who can avail of GoWiFi Auto?

GoWiFi Auto is available to all users regardless of network provider (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, Talk N Text, and even international numbers).

What is the difference between the Free GoWiFi and GoWiFi Auto (Premium/Paid)?

Here's a comparison table between Free GoWiFi and GoWiFi Auto:

Free GoWiFiGoWiFi Auto
Access TimeLimited based on the standard free access time set per site

1, 3, or 30 days depending on the GoWiFi package selected 

One-time free trial for 3 days (for first-time users)

Disconnected after a few minutes of being idle or not browsing the internet
Uninterrupted access
High speed internet of up to 100 mbps depending on the location
High speed internet of up to 100 mbps depending on the location

What is "Auto-Authentication"?

GoWiFi Auto or auto-authentication is a seamless way for users to connect to the WiFi automatically whenever s/he is in a GoWiFi zone. The user will not need to go thru the GoWiFi portal.

How much is GoWiFi Auto?

Here's a list of GoWiFi packages:

PriceValidityVolume Allowance
P151 day500 MB
P503 days1.5 GB
P9930 days1.5 GB

How do I purchase a GoWiFi Auto package?

  1. Open the WiFi Settings of your wifi-enabled device
  2. Connect to @GoWiFi_Auto
  3. A GoWiFi Auto portal will pop up. (Note: if the portal does not pop up, open your browser)
  4. Enter your mobile number and click the "GO" button
  5. You will receive an SMS to verify your identity. Input the PIN into the portal and click GO, or select the link in the SMS to validate (free of charge)
  6. The page containing the GoWiFi package offers is displayed. Select your package
  7. Confirm your GoWiFi package purchase
  8. You can now browse the internet with GoWiFi Auto

Important: For the best user experience, be sure you are connected to @GoWiFi_Auto

I am a non-Globe user. Can I access GoWiFi Auto?

Yes, GoWiFi Auto is available to the major telecommunication providers, Globe/Touch Mobile and Smart/Talk N Text/Sun Cellular.

How will I be charged?

You will be charged depending on whatever mode of payment you choose. You can either charge your package to your mobile (deducted from your prepaid load or charged to your postpaid bill), charge it to your credit card, or ask your Globe friend to pay for it via Request-a-Fi.

What is Request-a-Fi?

Request-a-Fi allows you to request for a GoWiFi package from your Globe or Touch Mobile friends.

Do I need to be a Globe customer to perform a Request-a-Fi transaction?

Request-a-Fi is open to all types of subscriber, whether you are Globe, TM, Smart, TNT, or Sun. You can also do a Request-a-Fi even if you have an international mobile number!

Do I need to request from a Globe customer?

Yes, you may only request fom a Globe or TM subscriber.

How will the person I will Request-a-Fi from know that I am asking for a GoWiFi package?

Your friend will be notified via SMS.

Does my friend need to reply to my Request-a-Fi within a given time period?

Yes, your friend needs to reply within 5 minutes.

How will I know that my friend approved my Request-a-Fi?

We will inform you via SMS and via the GoWiFi portal if your friend accepts the request.

What happens if my friend does not reply to my Request-a-Fi?

If your Globe friend does not reply, your friend will not be charged. We'll also inform you via text and via the GoWiFi portal if your friend accepts or rejects your request.

Is there a transaction fee for Request-a-Fi?

Currently, there is no additional transaction fee for Request-a-Fi.

Can I Request-a-Fi from multiple Globe friends per day?

You can request once every 5 minutes for a maximum of 2 requests per day.

I don't have a local Philippine sim. May I use purchase a GoWiFi Auto?

Yes, you can purchase GoWiFi Auto via credit card or via Request-a-Fi.

Do I need to enter any login credentials to use GoWiFi Auto?

Yes, for security purposes, you will need to input your mobile number to purchase a GoWiFi Auto package.

What if I do not have a mobile number, can I still access GoWiFi Auto?

You need a valid mobile number to register to GoWiFi Auto.

If I purchase a GoWiFi Auto offer, is it only valid for that site location?

No, you will be able to access GoWiFi Auto in any GoWiFi hotspot location.

If I purchase a GoWiFi Auto offer, will I be able to change it?

No. You must wait for your existing package to end either by waiting for the time to expire or by consuming the allocated volume.

What happens when I use up my volume allocation (MBs/GBs)?

Once you have used up all your available volume allocation, your browsing session will be interrupted. When you try to load a new page, you will be redirected to the GoWiFi portal where you can purchase another GoWiFi package.

If I exceed the volume allocation (MBs/GBs) of my purchased offer, will I get charged?

Once your volume allocation is consumed, you will not be able to access GoWiFi Auto therefore you will not get charged.

What happens to my unused minutes or volume (MBs/GBs) if I do not consume them?

When you return to a GoWiFi hotspot, any unused GoWiFi minutes or MBs will still be available for you to enjoy until it expires.

Will I be able to use GoWiFi Auto simultaneously on other devices?

As of now, only 1 device can access GoWiFi Auto.

Up to how many device can I use one GoWiFi Auto package?

You can link up to 3 devices to one GoWiFi Auto account. But each GoWiFi Auto account can only browse in one device at a time.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can switch devices?

You can use your GoWiFi Auto package amongst 3 devices per day. Don't worry, we allow you to switch amongst these devices for up to 10 times per day.

How do I connect automatically to GoWiFi Auto?

You must connect to @GoWiFi_Auto in order to achieve the "at-home-wifi experience" wherein you can connect to GoWiFi automatically without the need of logging in any portal.

Why am I not being automatically connected to GoWiFi Auto? Why do I always need to login?

Either your package has expired or you are on GoWiFi Auto but connected to the wrong SSID. If you have an existing GoWiFi Auto package, simply open you WiFi settings and connect to @GoWiFi_Auto.

For iOS users: To fully experience the seamless auto-connection, go to the WiFi Settings of your iOS device, open @GoWiFi_Auto, make sure that "Auto Join" is switched on and "Auto Login" is switched off.

How can I check my usage (remaining time and MBs/GBs) on GoWiFi?

You can visit accounts.mygowifi.com to see details such as the volume you used and the date and time when your package will expire.

I am experiencing slowness on my GoWiFi. What can I do?

We strive to give our customers the high-speed internet. If you're experiencing slowness, kindly let us know by selecting the "Contact Us" icon in the GoWiFi portal or email [email protected]

If I am outside a GoWiFi hotspot area, will my phone automatically switch to 3G/4G?

This depends on the settings of your device. If your Mobile Data setting is switched on, your device will most likely switch to 3G/4G when you're outside the GoWiFi coverage.

Can I tether?

No, you cannot tether while on GoWiFi.

I am a Globe customer with an existing GoSurf subscription. May I use this for GoWiFi Auto?

No, you cannot use your mobile internet or GoSurf subscription to access GoWiFi Auto.

I want to unsubscribe from GoWiFi Auto. How do I do it?

You may not be able to unsubscribe to GoWiFi Auto while on a subscription. You must wait for your current subscription to expire either by letting the time run out or by consuming the remaining volume (MB/GB) allocation.

I do not want to purchase a GoWiFi Auto. How can I connect to the Free GoWiFi?

To downgrade to the Free GoWiFi, simply open your WiFi settings and connect to @FreeGoWiFi. A portal will display (if a portal does not pop up, open your browser), and click GO.

Is there a way to connect back the Free GoWiFi?

To downgrade to free GoWiFi, simply open your WiFi settings and connect to the @FreeGoWiFi hotspot. The GoWiFi portal will display. From there, simply tap "GO".

Who do I contact if If I have questions on my GoWiFi Auto access?

For questions on payment or access of GoWiFI Auto, please select the Contact Us icon in the GoWiFi portal or kindly email [email protected].