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Late Payment Fees for Mobile and Globe At Home Postpaid

Late Payment Fee FAQs

What happens if I’m late with my bill payment?

A late payment fee of P50 applies when you miss paying your bill on your due date. It's intended to encourage our customers to pay their bills on time and avoid the inconvenience of service interruption due to unpaid balances.

This fee applies to Consumer Mobile Postpaid/Platinum and Globe At Home Postpaid accounts. It will apply to all bills and includes recurring services and one-time purchases.

We will communicate this change through various channels, including texts and notices on our website and the GlobeOne app. The late payment fee will be indicated on your billing statement, providing transparency.

How can I set up automatic bill payments to avoid late payment fees?

If you have a credit card, you can enroll in an auto-debit arrangement through your bank to have your bills paid automatically. This will ensure that you don’t miss any payment.

For more information on Globe Auto Pay, visit the following pages:

Broadband postpaid customers:

Mobile postpaid customers:

Can I dispute the late payment fee if I believe it was charged by mistake?

If you think the late payment fee was charged by mistake, you may contact us and we will investigate and make adjustments, if necessary.

How come only Globe is charging for late payments?

You don't have to worry about being charged for late payments if you pay on time. Globe wants you to enjoy continuous service. A minimal late payment fee will be charged only if payment is not made within the set due date.

Our goal is to encourage our customers to make timely payments to prevent any service disruptions resulting from unpaid balances. By paying your bills on time, you can rest assured that you won't incur late payment fees.

I haven’t been able to pay my bills on time because of financial difficulties. What are my options so I can continue to use my account?

If you miss the due date and incur a late payment fee, it is essential to settle the outstanding balance as soon as possible to avoid further consequences. Failure to pay may result in additional penalties on the succeeding unpaid bills.

How can I submit a billing payment or concern?

You may raise a concern via our official Globe Facebook Messenger account.