GoSURF for Prepaid

What is GoSURF?

GoSURF is our new consumable mobile internet plan. It gives you bulk megabytes of mobile data consumable per kilobyte. It also allows you to play, surf, post, like and more!

Who can register to GoSURF?

All Globe Postpaid, Globe Prepaid, TM and Tattoo Nomadic customers can register to GoSURF unless you are a customer subscribed to Postpaid PowerSurf, Postpaid SuperSurf, Postpaid MySuperPlan UnliSurf, Tattoo Postpaid Plan 999 and up, and Tattoo At Home.

If you are a customer subscribed to BlackBerry, you will not be able to register to GoSURF, either.

What are the available GoSURF plans and promos?

We have plenty of promos to choose from depending on your needs!

Brand AvailabilityData allocation
Postpaid, Prepaid, TM40 MB for surfing
2 daysP15
1 GB for surfing
3 daysP50
GoSURF 299
1.5 GB for surfing
30 daysP299
GoSURF 599
4 GB for surfing
30 daysP599
GoSURF 999
8 GB for surfing
30 daysP999

For a list of GoSURF promos, you can text GS MORE for Prepaid and GS LIST for Postpaid. Send to 8080.
For Postpaid customers, the 30-day GoSURF promo renews automatically. If you no longer want to use GoSURF, simply unsubscribe.

I heard that we can customize our own free content for GoSURF. What are the choices for the free content?

Here’s a list of customizable content that you can enjoy with your GoSURF.

GoSURF Offer
FREE Content MB allocation
FREE Unli Allnet texts
GoSURF 15Instagram30MBN/A
N/AP15 for 100MB, 1 day
GoSURF 50N/A300MBUnli Allnet texts
- FB
- Viber
- Twitter
- Instagram
- SnapChat
- Games
- Spotify Basic
- Video
- Games
- TikTok
P15 for 100MB, 1 day
- FB
- Viber
- Twitter
- Instagram
- SnapChat
- Games
- Spotify Basic
- Video
- TikTok
P99 for additional 1GB/30D
- FB
- Viber
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Snap Chat
- Games
- Spotify Basic
- Video
- TikTok
P99 for additional 1GB/30D
- FB
- Viber
- Twitter
- Instagram
- SnapChat
- Games
- Spotify Basic
- Video
- TikTok
P99 for additional 1GB/30D

I noticed that my GoSURF 10/15/30 doesn’t include unli allnet texts. Why is it no longer available for said GoSURF offers?

Just like our other promos, the “free unli allnet texts” offer for GoSURF 10/15/30 is available for a limited time only. If you want to avail of unli text services along with your GoSURF, we recommend registering to any of the following:

  • GoSURF 50, which has 1GB for surfing, unli allnet texts, and 300MB for a free app of your choice, valid for 3 days
  • GoUnli10, an add-on for GoSURF which offers unli call and text to Globe and TM, valid for 1 day
  • GOTSCOMBODD70, which has 1GB for surfing and unli allnet texts, valid for 7 days

How come GoSURF 15 now comes with Arena of Valor instead of Mobile Legends?

We always want you to try the latest apps & games with GoSURF! Because of this, our GoSURF freebie offers change regularly. To stay updated, text GS FREE to 8080.

You can use still use your GS15 promo to play Mobile Legends, but it will use up your surfing MBs. We recommend that you register to GoSURF 50 and pick the Games freebie to get 1GB for surfing and 300MB for games, such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor.

Why can’t I choose COC/ POGO/ML as my freebie?

We’ve decided to combine them into one Games freebie so that you can play Arena of Valor, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Mobile Legends and Pokemon Go while on the same GoSURF promo. No need to register to GoSURF again!

Does this mean that when I choose the Games pack as my freebie, I get MBs for each game?

The data allocation for the Games pack is spread out among all of the games included in the pack. That means if you used 100MB for Arena of Valor, then you can play Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Mobile Legends, or Pokemon Go with your remaining MBs.

How come I can no longer choose musical.ly/Disney as my freebie?

We always want you to try the latest apps & games with GoSURF! Because of this, our GoSURF freebie offers change regularly. To stay updated, text GS FREE to 8080.

For musical.ly users, you can use still use your GoSURF promo for the app, but it will use up your surfing MBs.

For Disney fans, you can download the DisneyLife app from the Google Play Store/App Store and experience the wonderful world of Disney. Please note that accessing content on DisneyLife while on GoSURF will also use up your surfing MBs.

How will I know if I can already choose my freebie?

Via text message:
After successfully registering to GoSURF, you will receive a message asking you to select the free content to come with your GoSURF. Sample text message:

“Claim your GoSURFXX freebie now! Choose one free content worth XXMB/GB of data. Select your freebie by replying with the keyword (ex GSXX FB).

For Facebook, text GSXX FB

For Viber, text GSXX VIBER

For Twitter, text GSXX TWITTER

For Snapchat, text GSXX SNAPCHAT

For Spotify Basic, text GSXX SPOTIFY

For Instagram, text GSXX IG

For Games, text GSXX GAMES

For YouTube and Dailymotion, text GSXX VIDEO


Simply reply to the message with keyword to your desired freebie. From there you’ll receive a confirmation message once you get your freebie.

If registration is done via 143#:
You have to complete all steps to be able to have a successful registration. Meaning, you will have to choose your freebie first before you get registered to a GoSURF promo. A confirmation message will be sent to you upon completion.

Will I be notified when I use up my GoSURF MB?

You are notified immediately upon consuming 100% of your MB allocation.

Will I be notified once I use up my MB allocation for my Freebies?

You are notified immediately upon consuming 100% of your MB allocation for each Freebie.

How do I check my remaining MBs on GoSURF?

Option 1: Check your remaining MB by texting GoSURF STATUS to 8080.
Option 2: Check your remaining MBs by dialing *143# and selecting Surfing > GoSURF > GS (ex. GS50) > Status

How can I check the remaining MBs of my freebie?

You may check the remaining data allocation of your chosen freebie by texting GS STATUS (ex GS50 FB) to 8080.

How do I turn off my GoSURF subscription?

To turn off or stop your GoSURF, you can send GS STOP to 8080. Please note that stopping your GoSURF will forfeit your unused mobile data.

I registered to GoSURF. What happens after I use up my MB allocation?

For Postpaid customers, your succeeding internet connections will be charged P2 per MB. Postpaid GoSURF comes with a no bill shock guarantee that ensures GoSURF customers on GoSURF999 and below that they will not pay more than P1,500 for data monthly.

I am already registered to GoSURF. Can I register to GoSURF again?

Yes, you can register to GoSURF again. Registering to GoSURF will stack your remaining MB with the MB allocation of the GoSURF promo you are registering to. Your GoSURF promo will follow the GoSURF promo with the later expiry.

Registering to another GoSURF also allows you to get another freebie of your choice. Your GoSURF freebie will expire along with your GoSURF promo. If you stop your GoSURF promo, you will forfeit your remaining mobile data for surfing and freebie/s.

Up to how many freebies can I get if I register to another GoSURF promo?

You can have 1 freebie for every GoSURF registration. For example, if you register to GS50 again while on an active GoSURF promo, you get another 300MB for a freebie of your choice!

Can I get the same freebie if I register again?

Yes! For example, if you choose Facebook as your GS50 freebie during your first registration, you can choose it again when you register once more.

Is there a way for me to stop one freebie without stopping my GoSURF and my other freebie?

No. In order to stop your freebie, you will have to stop your current GoSURF promo as well. You can do this by texting GS STOP to 8080.

I still have some mobile data remaining on my current GoSURF subscription. What happens if I register another GoSURF promo, or to a promo that also comes with mobile data?

The longer expiry will apply to your mobile data allocation. Please note that this does not apply to MBs for specific apps/sites.

Will I experience slower speeds or will I be throttled if I exceed my GoSURF MB allocation for the month?

No, you will not be throttled if you exceed your GoSURF plan’s MB allocation.

Why can’t I register to my favorite GoSURF promo?

We would like you to experience our newest GoSURF! It’s now more affordable with more MBs and freebies so you can enjoy more of  what you want! Plus, you can add even more MBs to your liking by registering to GS Add Surf.

What is GS Add Surf?

GS Add Surf is our newest offer that allows you to add more MBs to you GoSURF. Once you register to a GoSURF promo, you will automatically be eligible to enjoy more MBs on top of your current offer.

How do I register to GS Add Surf?

To register, simply text the keyword to 8080. Your GS Add Surf variant will depend on the GoSURF variant you’re currently registered to.

Brand Availability
GoSURF Base Prerequisite
GS Add Surf 15 (100MB/1 Day)
Prepaid, TMMust be registered to GoSURF 15, 50, 299, 599, or 999Additional 100MB on top of current GoSURF data allocation.GS ADDSURF 15151D
GS Add Surf 99 (1GB/30 Days)Postpaid, Prepaid, TMMust be registered to GoSURF 299, 599, or 999Additional 1GB on top of current GoSURF data allocation.GS ADDSURF 999930D
GS Add Surf (Double MBs/30 Days)PostpaidMust be registered to GoSURF 999Will double the MBs of their current GoSURF (i.e. GS999 at 8GB will become 16GB)GS ADDSURF 49949930D

When you register to Add Surf, the validity of your existing GoSURF plan will be extended as well.

For example, if you avail of Add Surf 99 two (2) days before the end of your existing GoSURF 299 with 500 MB remaining, you should have a total of 1.5GB data that will be valid for 32 days.