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One-Time PIN (OTP) FAQ - Globe Help & Support


What is a Globe OTP?

An OTP, or one-time PIN is a dynamic password that can be used only once mainly for user authentication purposes. It's a security feature commonly employed by banks and other companies to protect their customers' online transactions.

With the move of our customer service representatives from the Globe hotlines (02) 77301000/1500 to our improved mobile apps last September 2020 so as to serve more customers online, Globe is also making use of OTPs to authenticate your login sessions or transactions through our digital channels.

When will I receive an OTP from Globe?

To validate your identity, you'll receive an OTP from Globe if you initiate a critical transaction such as plan renewal or bill payment through our digital channels such as Globe websites and apps.

If you reach out to a Globe representative, some transactions will also require an OTP which you should only share with the representative you're transacting with.

Keep in mind however, that Globe will never ask for your OTP unless you've initiated a prior request through one of our official channels at

Why have I received an OTP when I didn’t initiate a transaction with Globe?

This might happen if someone is trying to access your account without your knowledge. It might also be possible that another customer has entered an incorrect account/mobile number during their online transaction or registration.

If you didn't initiate the transaction, don't share the OTP with anyone or you may become a victim of scammers pretending to be a Globe representative.

To be sure, immediately check your accounts in GlobeOne or the Globe At Home app to ensure that no changes have been made. We also recommend that you change your password if you think your account might have been compromised.

If you're uncomfortable about receiving multiple OTPs, you may chat with us via Messenger or our other digital channels at

What should I do if someone, other than Globe, is asking for the OTP that you sent?

Be alert and protect yourself by being vigilant and never share the OTP with anyone.

Be careful of scammers who might deceive you as they usually use their personal mobile numbers to call or text. If you're using social media, transact only with our official accounts.

You can report suspicious mobile numbers and scammers at