Bill Cycle Change for Selected Mobile Postpaid Accounts

What is this bill cycle change about?

To be better able to manage each and every account, we shifted your bill cycle date to a date that is common with other customers. With this change, we will be able to ensure that each and every one of our customers can get the service that they deserve.

How will my current bill cycle and due date change?

If your bill cut-off is on the 7th of the month, your new bill cycle will be moved to the 5th of the month, with a due date every 26th.

Where can I find the details of this bill cycle change?

You can find the full details of the change on your next bill. Remember, there are many ways you can view your bill. We recommend the GlobeOne app but you can also view your bill via email or text.

Will the bill cycle and due date change affect the amount to be paid in my bill?

It won't affect the amount you have to pay for your bill. However, it will affect the timing of your amount due. This is because you will have a one-time prorated monthly recurring fee in your October bill. This prorated amount is equal to the number of days you were on your old bill cycle to your new one.

Can I choose my bill due date?

All due dates are scheduled 21 days after the bill cut-off date.

How will this impact my auto-debit enrollment?

Your total amount due will be directly debited from your enrolled card 2 days after your new bill cut-off.