On Late Payments FAQs

What happens if I pay my bill late?

Like most service companies, Globe expects customers to pay their bill on time. We are working to bring customers more payment options, such as payment by phone and through the Web to make it even easier and more convenient for customers to pay on time.

What is a "late payment" fee?

A "late payment" fee is a nominal service fee charged to customers who pay their bills late (i.e. after their payment due date). This is done in order to help defray costs associated with late payment collection.

Is Globe going to charge customers a late payment fee this year?

Despite announcements made this year, Globe will NOT charge customers a late payment fee.

We want customers to first try & experience the many convenient and new ways there are available to pay their bills. Later this year, for instance, we intend to make bills payment available through more channels such as via phone and through our website. After we roll-out and inform customers of these more convenient ways to pay their bills on time, we will revisit whether we will implement a late payment fee next year.

What are the possible reasons for my line to be cut?

Your line may be cut if you have accumulated unpaid bills or if your usage went beyond your credit limit.