Online Bill Payment FAQs

What is Online Bill Payment service?

Online Bill Payment service lets you pay for your Globe Postpaid Mobile, Globe Landline and Tattoo Broadband bills online, anytime, anywhere through the Globe website.

It offers a secure and easy way to settle your bills. No more waiting in line, missed bills and late payments!

How can I use the Online Bill Payment service?

Just go to It lets you pay bills quickly without having to login to the Globe website. So even if you haven't yet created your account in the website, you can still settle your bill or anyone else's bill as long as you have a credit card or GCASH.

Here's a step by step guide on how you can pay your bills using the Online Bill Payment service page:

STEP 1: Once at the page, select "Mobile number/Landline No" if you are trying to pay a Globe postpaid or Globe landline bill. Select "Account No" if you are trying to pay for a data-only or internet only account.

STEP 2: Provide your email address. Remember that your official receipt will be sent to the address you entered.

STEP 3: Select your Payment Method.

STEP 4: Enter the amount to be paid, and then click the "Pay Now" button.

You can also pay your bills online through MyAccount. Here's how:

Step 1: Log in to your MyAccount at

Step 2: That takes you to the list of your enrolled accounts. Click the "Manage Account" button next to your chosen account.

Step 3: Click on the "Pay Bill" button in your dashboard.

Wait, my account is not yet enrolled in MyAccount. How can I enroll so I can start paying my bills online?

Just go to MyAccount at and register. In your account list page, simply click the "Add Account" button to enroll your Globe account.

What are the available payment options?

Currently, you can pay using your Credit card (MasterCard and VISA) or your GCash account.

Do I need to enroll my credit card/GCash account to be able to use the Online Bill Payment service?

No need. You just have to provide the mandatory information, such as credit card details or GCASH account details, whenever payment is made online.

Is there a specific format I should use when entering the amount I want to pay?

Yes, there is. The only punctuation mark accepted is the period (.) to signify the centavo value. Please do not include commas or the Peso sign when typing the payment amount.

Here are the accepted format for payments:

  • 1022
  • 1022.00
  • 1022.05

Is there an additional charge for paying via Online Bill Payment service?

This service is absolutely free of charge!

What is the maximum amount allowed for online payment?

Currently, there is no maximum amount. You may pay any amount you want as long as it is not below P100.00.

Will my payment get posted immediately?

Successful payments are posted in near-real time from the date your payment is made.

Great! But when will my payment be posted if I pay on the exact due date?

Payments made even on the exact due date will also be considered as payment made on time since we are keeping both the payment date and posting date.

What if I entered the wrong amount or I paid the wrong bill? Can I still correct my payment?

Yes, you can still correct your payment details as long as the system has not yet successfully processed your transaction. Once you submit all payment details, receive your transaction ID, and see the confirmation message on the page, this means that the payment has already been processed and will be posted on your billing statement.

Do I need internet connection to be able to use the Online Bill Payment service?

Yes. You need internet connection to be able to go to or login to the Globe website.

Is there a specific browser I should use to be able to access the service?

The Globe website and all its services can be accessed on all major web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (v.7 and above), Google Chrome and Safari.

How often can I pay using the Online Bill Payment service?

You can pay your Globe Bills anywhere you are, anytime you want!

Can I pay for someone else's bill via the Online Bill Payment service page?

Yes, you may pay the bills of other Globe customers as long as you know their mobile number, landline number, or account number (for data-only accounts). You will be asked to provide your credit card details or GCASH MPIN to be able to proceed with your payment.

Will I get an official receipt for my online payment?

Yes. Credit card payments through Globe payment service will automatically be issued an official receipt. You will receive the official receipt for your payment within 24-48 hours from the time the payment was made. The receipt will be in a PDF format sent to the email address that you indicated during payment. So be sure to provide the correct email address to ensure you will receive your receipt. Your official receipt will also be available online when you log in to MyAccount.

Can I print my official receipt?

Yes. Just log in to MyAccount and click on "View Payment History and Official Receipts". The receipt will be in an HTML format, which you can print just like any document.

Is the reprinted official receipt a valid document for BIR transactions?

Yes, it's a valid document for BIR transactions.