Plan Renewal FAQs

Plan renewal? What does that mean?

Plan renewal means being able to renew your subscription once you get past your contract period of (usually) two years. By plan renewal, you can also avail of a new handset, either for free or with a certain cash-out, depending on your plan.

Plan renewal only applies to consumer postpaid customers.

N.B. These FAQs apply to Consumer Mobile Postpaid accounts only. Due to difference in terms and conditions, Globe Business and Globe myBusiness clients may inquire about recontracting through their Account Managers (AMs) or (02) 7730-1288.

How will I benefit from plan renewal?

When you apply for recontracting, your number will be retained and you can be eligible for a new device. If you already have your own device, you can just opt to change to ThePLAN Plus which is the SIM-only version of ThePLAN, and get bonus consumable value depending on the plan you choose.

When availing of a device, you’ll be under contract again for 24 months. When availing of ThePLAN Plus, there’s no more contract.

Awesome! How can I apply for plan renewal?

Simple! To confirm if you’re now eligible for plan renewal, you may download the GlobeOne app here. If you’ve confirmed in the app that your contract has ended, go to Plan Details and select the Renew my Plan button to request for plan renewal online. As long as your preferred handset is available, it can be delivered to you within 24-48 hours (for Metro Manila addresses) or 3-5 days (for addresses outside Metro Manila).

You’ll also need to sign a plan renewal form that will be sent to you via email and give this to the courier upon delivery of your handset. The form can also be given by a store representative if you’re picking up your device from a Globe store.

If you already have your own device, you can opt to change to ThePLAN Plus which is the SIM-only version of ThePLAN, and get bonus consumable value depending on the plan you choose. The table below shows the amount of the bonus value that you’ll get with ThePLAN Plus.

Additional value
Total Plan Value for Packs
Plan 599
Plan 799
Plan 999
Plan 1299
Plan 1499
Plan 1799
Plan 1999
Plan 2499
Plan 2999*

*Aside from the higher consumable value, this plan comes with free Unli Allnet Calls and Texts.

What are the requirements for plan renewal?

To renew your plan, you must:

  • have an active postpaid account
  • have a postpaid account that's either out of contract, or the contract will end in 30 days or less.
  • have no remaining balance from the previous bill
  • download and sign a plan renewal form

To check the status and other details of your account, you can log in to

How will I qualify for a plan renewal?

Your account must be active with no remaining balances from the previous bill and no contract, or the remaining contract should be less than or equal to 30 days.

My contract has ended and I’d like to change my plan before renewing. Will this affect the options that I’m entitled to?

Your plan renewal options will be based on the new plan that you’re changing to.

I just reactivated my line after it was terminated. Can I renew my contract right away?

As long as your account is out of contract and it has been reactivated, you may avail of a plan renewal option after six (6) months.

Can I downgrade my plan while still under a contract?

Yes, you may but you have to pay the pre-termination fee.

I will transfer the ownership of my account after the contract ends. Can the new owner avail of plan renewal as well?

Yes, this is allowed. The new owner may renew the account in six (6) months’ time.

What plans are available for renewal?

To know the latest Globe Postpaid plans, please visit

Can I renew my plan even when I'm still under contract?

If there’s still more than 30 days left in your current contract, you'll have to pay a pre-termination fee. If there’s less than 30 days in your ongoing contract, you’re already eligible for plan renewal.

How is the pre-termination fee computed?

Your pre-termination fee is computed as follows:

Pre-termination fees = Gadget Penalty Fee + Unpaid Monthly Installment (if any) + P550 Admin Fee