ThePLATINUM Plans Mobile Data

Why is mobile data better with ThePLATINUM Plans?

ThePLATINUM Plans, whether with device or line only, offers local mobile data with a speed of up to 42 Mbps. Through the Globe Priority Network, you can enjoy double the speed of regular Globe postpaid customers in the same location.

ThePLATINUM Plans with device have built-in All-Month Surf mobile data allowance every month that gets bigger across higher plan:

ThePLATINUM Plan 7999 with device also has 4 days of unlimited data roaming every month.

If you get one of ThePLATINUM PLAN Plus, you'd have the exclusive Platinum All-Month Surf so you can enjoy continuous surfing on local mobile internet without deducting any fee from your monthly consumable amount.

ThePLATINUM PLAN Plus, Plan also gives the best value for regular travelers abroad. The monthly unlimited data roaming options ladder up across the different plans:

  • 4-day unlimited data roaming per month at Plan 4999
  • 6-day unlimited data roaming per month at Plan 7999

For the list of countries with unlimited data roaming or Roam Surf 599, click here.

What happens if I don't use up all of my monthly local data allocation?

If you don't consume all of your monthly local data allocation, the remainder will be rolled over to the following month. The rolled-over data allocation will be used first before the new allocation for the month is consumed. Unused data can only be rolled over once and will not be rolled over on the succeeding months.

What if I exceed my monthly data allocation?

When you exceed your local data allocation for the month, the regular rate of P2/MB will apply and will be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

Rest assured, you have an anti-bill shock cap for local mobile internet use and you'll no longer be charged if you exceed the following amount:

  • P4,500 bill cap for local mobile data at Plan 3799
  • P4,500 bill cap for local mobile data at Plan 4999
  • P8,000 bill cap for local mobile data at Plan 7999

This cap only covers excess charges for local mobile internet use. Excess charges for other mobile services (i.e. calls, texts, roaming, IDD, etc.) will still be included on the bill.

Do I still get free Spotify, HOOQ, or other content with my data allowance?

For ThePLATINUM Plans, the free subscriptions to content are no longer available with the built-in data allowance. You can still subscribe to your favorite content and deduct them from your consumable amount.

What's Platinum All-Month Surf? How does it work?

With the Platinum All-Month Surf, you can enjoy continuous local data surfing without worrying about exceeding monthly allocations and corresponding additional charges.

Can I get the Platinum All-Month Surf on a regular Globe postpaid plan or my old Globe Platinum plan?

The Platinum All-Month Surf is exclusive to ThePLATINUM Plans. To enjoy this service, you can upgrade or change your current plan to any of ThePLATINUM Plans.

How do I upgrade to Platinum All-Month Surf?

You need to be subscribed to one of the ThePLATINUMPlans to enjoy the Platinum All-Month Surf.

Is the Platinum All-Month Surf renewed automatically every month?

Yes, the Platinum All-Month Surf is a recurring service and it’s built in whether you get ThePLATINUM PLAN with a device or as a line only.

Is Platinum All-Month Surf covered by Fair Use Policy?

Platinum All-Month Surf is subject to our Fair Use Policy, and you may experience slow browsing if your data usage is unusually high. Nevertheless, the Platinum threshold for local internet usage is at least 10 times more than those for regular Globe Postpaid plan.

If my browsing speed slows down, how do I restore the regular speed of my All-Month Surf?

The Platinum All-Month Surf refreshes to regular speeds every month. Otherwise, you may avail of Platinum Surf Refresh offers that may be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

If I have Platinum All-Month Surf, will I get additional charges for my mobile internet?

When subscribed to Platinum All-Month Surf, you need not worry about additional charges from local internet surfing.

For mobile internet abroad, Roam Surf 599, other Roam Surf variants, and zonal rates will not be charged to your consumable allowance. These will be charged on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

Any ThePLATINUM Plan line only or with device Plan 7999 has an allocated number of days for unlimited data roaming every month. Once the unli data roaming days for the month are used up, regular data roaming charges will apply on top of your monthly recurring fee (MRF).

For the list of countries with unlimited data roaming or Roam Surf 599, click here.

If I have Platinum All-Month Surf, can I rollover unused data to the next month?

Platinum All-Month Surf has no monthly local data allocation, so there are no unused data that can be rolled over.

If I have Platinum All-Month Surf, can I still purchase additional GoSURF data allocation?

There shouldn't be a need to get additional data allocation when you're subscribed to Platinum All-Month Surf.


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