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GoALLNET FAQ - Globe Help & Support


What are the available GoALLNET Promos?

The following GoALLNET Promos can be availed across all registration channels:

  • GoAllNet30 - Unlimited Calls and Texts to All Networks + 100MB for Surfing, 1 day
  • GoAllNet50 - Unlimited Calls and Texts to All Networks + 300MB for Surfing, 3 days

Who can register to the GoALLNET promos?

GoALLNET30 and 50 are available only to Globe Prepaid customers.

How do I register for the GoALLNET promos?

  • To register to GoAllNet30, you can text GOALLNET30 to 8080.
  • To register to GoAllNet50, you can text GOALLNET50 to 8080.

Do I need a minimum maintaining balance in order to use GoALLNET?

There is no minimum maintaining balance requirement for this promo. You will only need to have the load equivalent to the price of the promo.

Can I register more than once before my promo expires?

Sorry, you can only have one active GoAllNet promo at a time. If you want to add more MBs for surfing, register to GoSURF!

Can my GoALLNET promo co-exist with other promos?

You can still register to the GoAllNet promos while on other promos except for Unli10. Also, the GoAllNet promos cannot be extended or used with AddSurf. You can only use one (1) GoAllNet promo at a time.

Are the GoALLNET Promos covered by Globe’s Fair Use Policy?

GoAllNet’s unli call and text services are covered by Globe’s Fair Use Policy. The promo is only applicable for person-person transactions only. It is not intended and should not be used for commercial purposes. Globe Telecom reserves the right to terminate and/or suspend promo subscription/s suspected of violating this policy. This policy prevents network abuse, allowing Globe to maintain quality of its services for customers and to fully optimize network capacity.

How will I know if my GoALLNET is still active?

You can check the status of your promo by texting the following to 8080 for free.

  • GoAllNet 30: GoALLNET30 STATUS
  • GoAllNet 50: GoALLNET50 STATUS

How do I stop my GoALLNET?

To stop the promo, text the following keywords to 8080 for free.

  • GoAllNet 30: GoALLNET30 OFF
  • GoAllNet 50: GoALLNET50 OFF

Will I be notified when my GoALLNET promo expires?

Yes, you will receive a text once your promo expires.

Can I still use my unused MBs from my GoALLNET promo after it has expired?

Sorry, but your unused MBs for surfing will be forfeited after the promo validity.