What is GoSAKTO?

With Globe Prepaid GoSAKTO, you can create your very own combo promo na sakto sa budget at sa gusto mo!

Sounds wonderful for a Prepaid customer like me! How does GoSAKTO work?

GoSAKTO gives you the freedom to:

  • Choose the type or allocation of your promo (whether text, call, surf or combination).
  • Decide the type of calls, texts, and/or surfing you want (whether the texts and calls are to Globe/TM or to all networks, and the type of surfing you want – MBs, unlimited, or site-specific).
  • Decide on how much texts, calls, and surfing you want and how long you would like it to last.
  • Name your own promo and post it on your Facebook timeline.

This is what I want! Tell me how to subscribe to this promo!

You can register to GoSAKTO using either your mobile phone or computer.

Here are the three easy ways you can register via mobile phone:

  • Dial *143# from your Globe mobile phone, press CALL, and select "GoSakto"; or
  • Log-on to m.globe.com.ph; or
  • Download the GoSakto Mobile App. It's available for iOS (versions 5 to 7) and Android (Gingerbread, Jellybean, Ice Cream Sandwich) users.

Take note that using the GoSakto Mobile App is free of charge.

If I access the *143# menu to register, will it incur browsing charges?

Nope. Accessing and navigating the menu is free, but subscribing to a promo from the menu (by selecting "Subscribe") will have corresponding subscription charges.

Is this promo open to all Globe Prepaid customers?

Yes! GoSAKTO is available to all Globe Prepaid and Tattoo Mobile customers.

It's not open to Globe Postpaid and TM users. But you can dial *143# to check other great promos from Postpaid and TM.

How much Prepaid load do I need to have to avail of GoSAKTO?

Creating your own promo will cost you as low as P7. However, the final cost will still depend on the type of service, allocation and validity of the promo you created.

Do I need a maintaining balance to enjoy my GoSAKTO service?

No need! You can use your GoSAKTO subscription even without zero load.

Good! What are the available options for calls?

Call promo via GoSAKTO can be either to Globe/TM or to any network.

Calls to Globe/TM
Calls to All Networks
10 minutes
10 minutes
20 minutes
20 minutes
100 minutes
100 minutes
500 minutes
500 minutes
Unlimited minutes

Are unlimited calls to all networks available in GoSAKTO?

Nope. Unlimited calls to all networks is not yet available because of the high-pay-outs to other networks due to interconnection charges.

How about for texts? What are the available options?

Text promos can be either to Globe/TM or to All Networks available in 50, 100, 250, 1000 and unlimited variants.

Calls to Globe/TM
Calls to All Networks

And for surfing? What are the available options?

For the surfing promos, the available variants are 20, 50, 300, 1000, and unlimited Megabytes (MB), and site-specific promos:


20 MB

50 MB

300 MB
1000 MB
Unlimited MB


SocialUnlimited Facebook
Unlimited Twitter
Unlimited Instagram
Unlimited Foursquare
Unlimited Pinterest
Unlimited Tumblr
ChatUnlimited Snapchat
Unlimited Viber
Unlimited KakaTalk
Unlimited WhatsApp
Unlimited WeChat
Unlimited BB Chat
Unlimited Spotify
Unlimited PEP
Unlimited 9Gag
InformationUnlimited Wikipedia
Unlimited Yahoo!
Unlimited Google
Unlimited ABS-CBN News
Unlimited GMA News
ShoppingUnlimited OLX.ph
Unlimited Zalora

On what internet sites can I surf using the browsing allocations from GoSAKTO?

You can visit any number of websites using the MB and unlimited browsing allocations from GoSAKTO, with the site-specific promos allowing access to the site or app specified in the promo.

Please note though that all GoSAKTO offers are subject to our Fair Use Policy.

What are the available different promo validity I can choose from?

You can create your own promo that can last for a day, 3 days, 7 days or 30 days!

How do I check the status of my subscription?

You can check the status of your subscription via *143#. Just dial *143# from your Globe mobile phone and select "GoSAKTO", then "Manage my registration".

Can I create a promo through GoSAKTO while currently subscribed to GoSAKTO or to other Globe Prepaid promos?

Sure, you can! You are allowed to avail of GoSAKTO while still subscribed to a GoSAKTO promo or to any other Prepaid promos.

What if I'm subscribed to an offer/promo with rewards? Can I still register to GoSAKTO?

Sorry, but you cannot avail of GoSAKTO while currently subscribed to an offer/promo with rewards.

If I have several GoSAKTO registrations concurrently active, which promo allocation gets charged first?

We use the following order of charging for voice and SMS:

A. SMS/voice calls to all networks
  1. Unli
  2. Bulk
  3. Discounted
  4. Immortal
  5. Free SMS
  6. Regular
B.1. SMS/voice calls to Globe/TM
B.2. SMS/voice calls to other networks
  1. Unli
  2. Bulk
  3. Discounted
  4. Immortal
  5. Free SMS
  6. Regular
  1. Unli
  2. Bulk
  3. Discounted
  4. Immortal
  5. Free SMS
  6. Regular

If I'm currently registered to a bulk offer and I registered again to the same offer, what will happen?

If you register to a bulk offer twice, the allocations will be combined and will follow the longer expiry.

For the GoSAKTO with unlimited texts, calls, or browsing, will your Fair Use Policy apply like in other unlimited offers?

Yep. All GoSAKTO offers are subject to our Fair Use Policy.

If I am not allowed to register to your unlimited services because of the Fair Use Policy, will I be able to register to GoSAKTO?

The Fair Use Policy also applies to GoSAKTO offers. Customers who are not allowed to register to unlimited services because of the Fair Use Policy will also not be allowed to register to GoSAKTO offers providing unlimited promos.

I see. Do I need to name my promo to be able to register to GoSAKTO?

Well, not necessarily. You may register without naming your promo. However, naming your promo is better as you can use that promo's name to be able to register again. Just dial *143#, choose "GoSAKTO" then go to "My Favorite promo".

Is there a charge if I name my own promo?

None. Naming your promo is free!

Do I need to post my created promo on Facebook to be able to register to GoSAKTO?

Posting on Facebook is optional. You may register even without posting.

If I post the promo I created on Facebook, will I be charged?

Nope. Posting to Facebook is absolutely free!

However, you need to allow first your mobile number to access your Facebook. You can do this by visiting GoSAKTO's Facebook and entering the needed information. This may be done via computer or mobile. Just take note that if you go to the Facebook app using your mobile phone, you will be charged regular rate unless you're subscribed to a surf promo.

Remember, allowing access to Facebook is only a one-time process. Once allowed, your GoSAKTO will be automatically posted on Facebook for free.

Why do I need to send verification code to my mobile phone and input it on Facebook when I avail of GoSAKTO on Facebook?

The verification code is for your security. We need to ensure that you are creating a promo for yourself.

What is the "My Favorite Promo" option for?

You may use the "My Favorite Promo" to register again to the promo you created before. Just input the name of the promo you created and you will be able to subscribe to it without going through the whole process of promo creation again.

Very convenient! Can I avail of GoSAKTO using the Facebook app in my smartphone?

Oh sorry, but you will not be able to access GoSAKTO using your Facebook app. But don't worry as you can still access it through the internet browser of your phone via apps.facebook.com/gosakto.

Can I avail of GoSAKTO through Facebook and Globe website using any browser?

Currently, GoSAKTO is available to all internet browsers except for Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7. You may download versions 8 and 9 to be able to enjoy GoSAKTO.

Until when will these offers be available? Will you pull out these offers any time soon?

GoSAKTO will be initially available until January 31, 2015. Please wait for further announcements regarding any promo extensions on these offers.

How do I unsubscribe from my GoSAKTO registration?

We highly encourage you to keep your GoSAKTO subscription active unti it expires so that you can make the most out of the money you spent.

You don't have to worry because the best thing about GoSAKTO is that you can still avail of other call, text and data offers while subscribed to this offer.

If I unsubscribe from the promo I created, will I get my load back for the remaining days I did not use?

Nope. Once a registration to GoSAKTO is made, the transaction is final. If you unsubscribe, it will forfeit any remaining days/hours left on your subscription.

How do I know more about the GoSAKTO offers?

For more info, you may text GOSAKTO to 8080 or go to this page.