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Digital-Exclusive Prepaid Promos - Globe Help & Support

Digital-Exclusive Prepaid Promos FAQ

What are the different digital-exclusive promos for Globe Prepaid?

You can register to any of the following promos via the GlobeOne App, GCash App, and GCash FB Messenger.

GoEXTRA 99 GOEXTRA179 Go50 Go90 Go+179


1GB GoWiFi
1GB GoWiFi
  • 8GB for choice of content


  • 1 discount voucher
CALL Unli calls to Globe/TM
Unli allnet
Unli allnet
TEXT Unli allnet
Unli allnet
Unli allnet
Unli allnet
Unli allnet Unli allnet
7 days
15 days
3 days
7 days 15 days

Who can register to these promos?

All Globe Prepaid customers with a GCash and GlobeOne app can register to these promos.

How do I register?

Purchasing via GCash App

  • Log-On to the GCash App,
  • Select “Buy Load”
  • Enter the mobile number of recipient
  • Select promo

Purchasing via Messenger

  • Start a chat with GCash
  • Select "Buy Load"
  • Select to send for yourself or enter the mobile number of your recipient
  • Select promo

Purchasing via GlobeOne:

  • Log in to the GlobeOne app
  • Tap "Buy”
  • Select promo

I'm not a GCash/GlobeOne user. How do I register?

That’s easy! Download the GCash app or the GlobeOne app.

Will I be notified when I use up my allocated data?

For prepaid customers, you will be notified as soon as you use up your data allocation.

How do I check my remaining MBs?

To check your remaining data and the status of your freebie, simply text DATA BAL to 8080.

How do I stop my promo?

To stop your promo, send the corresponding keyword to 8080.

  • GoEXTRA90/99/179 - GOEXTRA [90/99/179] STOP
  • Go50 / G090 – GOSURF STOP or GO STOP
  • 10-day Go+ 129 - 10DGOPLUS 129 STOP
  • Go+179 - GOPLUS179 STOP

What happens after I use up my allocated data?

Your succeeding internet connections will be charged the regular browsing rate (P5 for 15 minutes or P2/MB) unless you register again to a mobile data promo.

I still have some remaining data on my current subscription. What happens if I register to another promo that comes with mobile data?

The longer expiry will apply to your mobile data allocation. Please note that this does not apply to MBs for specific apps/sites.

Will I experience slower speeds if I exceed my allocated data usage?

No, you will not experience slower speeds if you exceed your promo MBs.