Prepaid Self-Service SIM Upgrade with Number Retention

What is the process for the self-service SIM upgrade?

It's easy! Just ensure that you're using an active Globe Prepaid or TM SIM and follow these steps:

  1. Using your old SIM, text ‘UPGRADE' to 8080 for free.
  2. You will receive a reply message within a few minutes asking you to confirm if you want to push through with your SIM upgrade.
  3. Once sure that you want to proceed, reply ‘PROCEED’
  4. You'll get the UPGRADE CODE through your old SIM.  Remember: Do not share your upgrade code to anyone
  5. Insert the new Globe Prepaid Upgrade SIM in the mobile phone.
  6. Wait for the menu to appear and enter the UPGRADE CODE. The code is valid for 15 minutes only.
  7. A prompt will appear and indicate that the upgrade code is valid.
  8. Restart the mobile phone.
  9. You'll get the notification on the successful upgrade.  Don’t worry, your old mobile number will be retained!

Cool! What are the benefits of upgrading my SIM?

The benefits will depend on the SIM that you'll use when upgrading:
Globe Prepaid / TM Upgrade SIMTechnologySupports LTE for faster internet experience
SIM-cutSupports all device's SIM specifications. Compatible with devices built with regular-cut, micro-cut, nano-cut SIM card slots.

Is this only available to Globe Prepaid and TM?

Sorry, but the self-service SIM upgrade is open to Globe Prepaid and TM only.  For Postpaid customers who wish to upgrade their SIMs, you may go to your nearest Globe Store and request for a SIM upgrade at the counter.

Oh, okay! I have an old Globe Prepaid or TM number from years back, I want to revive it, is this possible?

Unfortunately no. Since you can only trigger SIM upgrade from your old and working SIM.

Is texting UPGRADE to 8080, free of charge?

Yes, texting UPGRADE to 8080 is free.

I already sent UPGRADE to 8080, but I haven't received the code. What should I do?

First, you should ensure that you texted the correct keyword to the correct access code. If it is correct, please wait for the reply especially if you already made multiple attempts. Last resort, you must also retry after 24 hours.

Can I use the upgrade code even after 3 days?

You should use the upgrade code as soon as you receive it as it is valid for 15 minutes only. If you use an expired upgrade code, you will be advised to send another request using your old SIM.

I see. How many requests can I make?

You only have five requests for the upgrade code. Once you reach the maximum allowable tries, you'll be advised to try again after 24 hours.

I already inserted my new Globe Prepaid or TM Upgrade SIM, however, my transactions are failing, what should I do?

Please ensure first that you do the following:

  1. Ensure that you have the correct upgrade codeGot the valid PIN
  2. Upgrading the correct type of SIM card. The SIM change is for Globe Prepaid to Globe Prepaid and TM to TM only.

I already have the Upgrade SIM, my transactions are failing, how many incorrect attempts are allowed?

You only have five unsuccessful attempts for the day. Should you want to try again, please wait after 24 hours.

Will my Upgrade SIM get blocked after reaching the maximum number of tries?

Fortunately, your Upgrade SIM won't get blocked if you reach maximum retries. Simply ensure that you enter the correct code without extra spaces or characters.

Where can I get the Globe Prepaid or TM Upgrade SIMs?

Just go to the Globe store near you, and bring the following:

  1. Old SIM
  2. Valid IDs - preferably government issued

How much is the Upgrade SIM in Globe Stores?

You can get the Upgrade SIM for free.

When I upgrade with the same number, will my data be copied?

Unfortunately, no. Before you proceed with SIM upgrade transaction, you must ensure that you are able to back up your important messages, contacts, photos or files.

If I accidentally cancelled the transaction in the Upgrade SIM, will it still push through?

Oops! Transaction will push through if you were able to input the upgrade code. Nonetheless, you may just simply turn the handset on and double check if your old SIM still has signal.

Entered the upgrade code successfully, but accidentally turned the phone off.
Transaction will push through
  • Old SIM will not have signal
  • New SIM no longer shows the menu
  • Receipt of successful SMS
  • Old SIM still has signal
  • New SIM will show the menu
Turned the phone off without entering the upgrade code.Transaction will not push through

Prepaid Customers Shifted to LTE SIMs

What is this campaign all about?

We want to let you experience the fastest and richest mobile experience, and for this, we are offering to upgrade your current Globe Prepaid or TM SIM to LTE for free! Just visit any Globe Store.

PLUS, we are giving away FREE 1GB data, valid for 3 days to pre-selected prepaid customers who are now using an LTE-enabled device, but are still using non-LTE SIMs. If you are one of them, go to the nearest Globe Store and have your SIM upgraded, and get FREE 1GB data.

Oh, okay. What will I get from using an LTE SIM?

With an LTE SIM, you'll get to experience faster browsing and more surfing in areas with LTE coverage. With our LTE network, you may experience speed up to 42 mbps.

I didn't receive a text about this offer, can I still get a free LTE SIM? Am I also entitled to the free 1GB data allocation?

If you didn't receive a text but are still using a non-LTE SIM, please replace it with an LTE SIM at our nearest Globe store.  And, yes, you will be entitled to the free 1GB data upon successful SIM upgrade.

Got it! Will my load, promo, rewards points and GCash wallet be retained after I change to an LTE SIM?

Yes, they will.

How will I know if I'm already using an LTE SIM?

To know if your SIM is LTE or not, you may check the following:

  • Your network signal bars indicate if you're on LTE or 3G only.
  • If your existing SIM card shows 128K memory

I may have the LTE SIM and an LTE-capable device, but how will I know if the area I live in is LTE-covered or not?

To know if your area is LTE-covered, you may visit this link:

Where's your nearest Globe store to my location?

To help you find the nearest Globe store, you may check them here:

What happens if I use my LTE SIM on a non-LTE device?

Your LTE SIM will continue to work but you'll only be able to reach the speed that your device is designed for.

Can I check how much I've used up out of the free 1GB you gave me?

You may text CSIM STATUS to 8080 for free to check the status of the free data allocation.