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Who can avail the wearables?

Both new and existing Globe Postpaid customers can avail of  wearables.

New customers can get wearables as their device for new line applications while existing customers can get wearables as either a contract renewal offer or a loyalty offer.*

*Those that are already out of contract or those willing to pay a pre-termination fee are still subject to regular contract renewal pre-qualification guidelines.

How will my wearables work with my plan?

Wearables don’t have mobile capabilities. You may use your current mobile phones to enjoy your plan’s perks.

Can I avail the wearables as a secondary device with my current plan?

No, you may only avail the wearables if you are a new customer as your primary device with a shorter lockup period or if you’re up for contract renewal.

Are my wearables covered by warranty?

Yes, your wearables are covered by the standard warranty of each brand. Garmin wearables are covered by a two-year warranty and Samsung by a one-year warranty.