Finance for All: GCash Helps Trike Drivers and Vendors to Cope up with the Pandemic

Tricycle drivers and market vendors in Pasig City who have been searching for a safe and secure way to sustain their businesses while following safety protocols have found a reliable way to receive payments from their customers – GCash QR.

A safe and effective alternative to send/receive money without having to share one’s mobile number, GCash QR is a solution introduced by GCash as part of its partnership with AMTODA (Antipolo Market Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association) and ASCLP TODA, and with vendors at the Pasig City Mega Market.

“At the heart of this program is financial inclusion. We envision to enable micro and small businesses with the digital finance platform so they can enjoy its benefits at a time when they need it most. Many of them are frontliners too. We should also focus on helping them by providing them with tools so they can continue growing their businesses and serving their customers during the pandemic,” says Martha Sazon, President and CEO of GCash.   

According to Restituto Bayote, President of AMTODA, which has over 500 members, they have been encouraging members to use QR on Demand as a contactless way to safely and securely receive payment from their passengers. They have been working closely with GCash to orient drivers, especially the elderly ones, of its beneficial features. 

To this, Antipolo TODA driver Zalde Guiruela agrees. “Mas magandang paggamit ng GCash kasi kailangan nating umiwas sa pagkahawaan ngayong pandemya.Kaya mas komportable gumamit ng GCash para makaiwas tayo sa kumakalat na virus.”

Having a cashless payment option like GCash QR also helped Ronnie Fabian, a textile store owner at the Pasig City Mega Market, attract customers outside of the public market.  “Nakakatulong siya, lalo na for transactions outside of the public market. Pag may mga tumatawag sa ‘kin para magpadeliver, usually hindi kami tumatanggap ng COD. Dahil sa GCash, ita-transfer na lang nila sa GCash ko yung payment.”

Entrepreneurs like Coleen Lopez, who has an RTW stall and owns an online shop called Coleen’s Businezz, is a long-time GCash user who is looking forward to using the Digital QR feature because it’s a faster and more secure way to accept payment from customers.  “Hassle free ang app na yan. Minsan may customer ako na kinulang yung dala niyang cash. Pero merong laman yung GCash nya. Yun na lang pinang-bayad niya instead na mag-withdraw pa siya sa ATM.” 

“Since last year we have been pushing for cashless transactions among vendors and trike drivers to promote the health of all, para mawala yung physical transfer [ng virus]. It’s also a secure way to accept payment and to avoid circulation of counterfeit bills.  It’s about time our vendors and trike drivers adapt to this new business model, they need to enjoy the benefits of e-wallets and contactless payment,” added Pasig City Councilor Rhichie Gerard Brown. 

Having empowered by the GCash platform, these owners of small businesses and drivers of TODA can further enjoy the benefits of using the app with its financial services products such as savings, investment, insurance, and credit. Since most of these palengke vendors and TODA drivers are among the financially underserved, empowering them to do their business through the app just like any other big merchant will help them cope up during these trying times.

“Our partner MSMEs and drivers are at the very soul of our existence as a mobile wallet. More than being a lifestyle brand, GCash is committed towards working with every sector in the society in order to tailor digital financial solutions relevant to the situation they may be in. With our expanding effort to bring GCash QR to MSMEs, we bring financial services closer to those who have no traditional access to these products. Truly this is a manifestation of our vision of for finance for all”, Sazon added.

To date of writing, GCash has on-boarded over 1,200 TODA drivers and over 100 palengke vendors. The company envisions on-boarding more of these businesses to provide better financial services access to all sectors in the society. Currently, TODA drivers around Antipolo area accept GCash as a payment method. Paying through GCash in palengkes is currently available in Farmers market and Pasig Mega.

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