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April 2023 Updates: Globe SIM Registration Portal

April 2023 Updates: Globe SIM Registration Portal

Globe Welcomes SIM Registration 90-Day Extension, Daily Registrations Hit Over 2M

As of Apr 25, 2023

Globe applauds the government led by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for extending the SIM registration deadline, giving millions of unregistered customers more time to comply with the law.

SIM users now have 90 days more to register after the original April 26 deadline was extended. Globe again calls on its subscribers to quickly take advantage of the extended time and not wait for the last minute to register to avoid deactivation of their SIMs.

“The government has given SIM users a full three months more to register their SIMs. We would like to appeal to our customers to register their SIMs as soon as they can. If you are having a hard time registering your SIMs, you can go to our Globe Stores and EasyHubs and we will provide the necessary assistance,” said Darius Delgado, Head of Globe’s Consumer Mobile Business.

Globe has been vigorously pushing for SIM registration registrations have been slow, peaking to millions of daily registrations just over the past three days after Globe sent emergency alerts before the extension was announced.

As of April 24, 39.89 million Globe customers have registered their SIMs out of the total 86.7 subscriber base.

Globe’s 147 stores and 25 EasyHubs across the country are open for customers who need help registering their SIMs. Globe has also been regularly joining SIM Registration Assistance initiatives led by the National Telecommunications Commission since January, and works with local government units, groceries, and malls to set up assisted registration booths in various sites, including remote locations.

Globe Prepaid, TM and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi users may register their SIMs through the website. Globe Postpaid and Platinum customer details are already added to the Globe SIM registration database in accordance with the law.  For company-owned Globe Business accounts, steps to register or update details have been sent to your company's authorized representative.

To learn more about Globe, visit

SIM Registration Now Available via GCash App Deadline to Register is Extended for 90 Days

As of Apr 25, 2023

As government extends the deadline for SIM registration, Globe and TM subscribers may now register their SIMs on the GCash app.

Globe and TM customers who are GCash users will receive a prompt to register their SIMs and they just need to follow the instructions. Once successful they will get free 1GB of data which they can use right away. 

By registering their SIMs, customers will avoid SIM deactivation and have uninterrupted access to their e-wallet accounts.

Customers who fail to register their SIMs that are linked to their accounts can still access their funds by requesting a transfer to a new registered mobile number from the GCash Help Center. The process, however, will take several days.

“That’s why we encourage SIM users with GCash wallets to register their SIMs before the deadline to avoid this inconvenience. We remind our customers to register their SIMs only with the GCash app or through the official portals of their respective telco providers,” said GCash President and CEO Martha Sazon. 

GCash will NEVER ask its customers to share their OTP, MPIN, or other sensitive information. SIM registration is mandated by the Philippine government under Republic Act 11934 or the SIM Registration Act. The law was enacted to combat online fraud and other forms of cybercrime.

Lack of Connectivity an Emergency Itself
Globe Hits Over a Million Registrations Per Day as Deadline Near

As of Apr 24, 2023

As the deadline for SIM Registration draws near, Globe opted to use the Emergency Cell Broadcast (ECB) system to urgently alert subscribers who have yet to comply with the SIM Registration Act. 

Globe took this step as registrations had been slow at roughly 200,000 per day in March.  Globe started using ECB to call on customers who have not registered due to the tepid daily registration numbers.  The impact of ECBs have been tremendous as daily registrations increased to 400K then 800K last week.  Over the weekend the daily registrations hit over 1 million.

“We are looking after our customers as we do not want their SIMs deactivated.  If they do not register by April 26, customers stand to lose their mobile services, now considered a lifeline especially post pandemic,” said Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer Yoly Crisanto.

"We apologize to our registered customers who have received the emergency alerts and expressed their irritation online.  These messages were really intended for those who have not registered.  We appeal for their understanding as these messages are geographically targeted for all. Globe sees the low registration numbers as needing urgent public service because the lack of mobile services is in itself an emergency, severely impacting daily life, from financial transactions and e-commerce to transport and education, among many others,” added Crisanto. 

The deadline for SIM registration is on Wednesday, April 26, and telcos have appealed for an extension.  The SIM Registration Act's Implementing Rules and Regulations allow an extension of up to 120 days.

As of April 22, Globe has logged just over 35.8 million SIM registrations out of its 86.7 million customer base. This, even as it exerted various efforts to get its customers registered, opening 147 Stores and 25 EasyHubs into on-site assistance centers. 

The company also partnered with local government units, groceries, and malls to set up assisted registration booths in more than 100 sites nationwide. To reach subscribers in remote areas, Globe regularly has been joining SIM Registration Caravans led by the National Telecommunications Commission since January.

Its SIM registration platforms also remain open 24/7. For users of Globe and TM Prepaid SIMs and Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, SIM registration is free and can be done anytime and anywhere through the website and the GlobeOne app.

Postpaid subscribers may complete their registration by sending SIMREG to 8080 to confirm their details. For company-owned Globe Business accounts, registration steps have been sent to your company's authorized representative.

Globe Urges Customers to Register SIMs as April 26 Deadline Looms

As of Apr 20, 2023

As the April 26 deadline for SIM registration rapidly draws near, leading digital solutions platform Globe strongly urged its subscribers to complete the registration process immediately, with 33.067 million of its 86.5 million customer base compliant with the law as of April 20.

"We encourage all our subscribers to register their SIMs as soon as possible to maintain uninterrupted access to mobile and broadband services. Pending response to our appeal for the government to extend the deadline, we call on all Globe SIM users to comply with the law," said Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu. 

Globe also reiterated its call for the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to extend the deadline so customers can obtain valid IDs– a key requirement for SIM registration that many SIM users lack, preventing them from completing registration.  

Globe also requested the government to allow the use of alternative forms of identification for SIM registration, citing that many citizens may not possess official government papers.

SIMs that remain unregistered by the deadline will be deactivated, preventing customers from using Globe’s call, text and data services. This could severely impact customers who rely on their mobile numbers for authentication in various sensitive transactions, especially banking, and other financial services, and who use mobile phones for day-to-day needs.

Globe Prepaid, TM, and Globe At Home customers can register their SIMs for free via or through the GlobeOne app. Customers are requested to be ready with the necessary information such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Address, Government ID with Photo, and Mobile Number. 

Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers, meanwhile, may confirm their details by texting SIMREG to 8080. 

Globe Business authorized representatives may use the enterprise SIM registration portal to register their SIMs. They may contact their Account Manager for more information.

To facilitate the registration process for as many subscribers as possible, Globe has transformed 147 Stores and 25 EasyHubs into dedicated assistance centers. Additionally, it has collaborated with local government units (LGUs), grocery stores, and malls to set up assisted registration booths at more than 100 locations across the Philippines.

Likewise, Globe has consistently taken part in the government-led SIM Registration caravans to cater to subscribers in remote areas.

Globe Offers 2x Rewards as Incentives to SIM Registrants

As of Apr 18, 2023

Want to double your Globe Rewards? Just register your prepaid SIM via the GlobeOne App!

Globe is offering incentives to Globe customers who register their SIMs with just a week left before the April 26 deadline, and all customers who have registered earlier. Through the 2x Rewards Campaign, Prepaid subscribers with P90 and above promo/load transactions and TM customers with P50 and above transactions will get twice the Rewards when they register via the GlobeOne app.

Globe Rewards is the company’s way of granting special treats to its subscribers for their loyal use of Globe or TM products and services. Customers can earn points from Prepaid reloads, monthly Postpaid usage, Globe At Home broadband plans, and Prepaid WiFi.  These can be exchanged for data promos and digital vouchers or used as payment at partner stores or donations to their preferred charitable institutions.

The 2X Rewards promo aims to encourage new and existing Globe and TM prepaid subscribers to comply with Republic Act No. 11934 or the SIM Registration Act, which aims to curb fraud and other forms of cybercrime by establishing a registry of SIM users.

"We urge our subscribers to take advantage of the 2X Rewards promo and register their SIMs before the April 26 deadline to avoid inconvenience. We recognize the significance of the SIM Registration Act in preventing scams and other forms of online criminal activity, and we are committed to helping our customers comply. Let's work together to make our online community safer and more secure," said Jerome Patalud, head of Globe Rewards. 

SIMs may be registered for free anytime and anywhere via  and the GlobeOne app. Failure to do so within the specified period will lead to SIM deactivation.


Globe continues to ramp up efforts to register its subscribers nationwide. It provides SIM Registration Assistance in Globe Stores and EasyHubs nationwide. It also deploys booths in remote areas to help those having a hard time to register their SIMs, especially seniors, PWDs, pregnant women, those with no internet access or are using basic phones. 

It has also partnered with local government units (LGUs), groceries, and malls in putting up assisted registration booths in more than 100 sites nationwide.


Globe has logged over 31 million SIM registrations as of April 17 out of its 86.7 million subscriber base.

Globe Deploys 180 Assistance Desks in Priority Areas to Help Basic Phone Users

As of Apr 11, 2023

Globe SIM Card Registration booths

Leading digital solutions platform Globe has been deploying 180 assistance desks in 72 provinces with the highest concentration of users of basic phones, or phones limited to call and text capability.

The move is on top of the assisted SIM registration booths the company has put up in more than 100 sites in partnership with various local government units and partner groceries and malls.

Since January, Globe has also participated in several runs of the NTC-led SIM registration caravans. It has been supporting more than 500 NTC-mandated assisted SIM registration booths that will run in up to four remote areas per region every week until the April 26, 2023 deadline.

Aside from on-ground activities, the company urged customers to take advantage of the GlobeOne app and its dedicated SIM registration website,, to register their SIMs easily for free. Postpaid customers, meanwhile, simply have to text SIMREG to 8080 to confirm that their details earlier submitted to Globe are updated.

"We are committed to making the SIM registration process as seamless and convenient as possible for our customers, which is why we are deploying additional assistance desks in areas with the most unregistered users of basic or feature phones. We are committed to fighting SIM-related crimes to protect our customers, that’s why we want to help everyone comply with the mandate,” said Cleo Santos, Globe Channel Management Group Head.

Globe has 86.7 million SIM users under its network. SIMs not registered by the deadline will be deactivated.

Globe Stores and Easyhubs Ready to Provide SIM Registration Assistance

As of April 3, 2023

Globe Stores and Easy Hubs across the country are ready to provide assistance to customers who may need help in registering their SIMs as the April 26, 2023 deadline approaches.

Globe Store SIM Registration assistance

Cleo Santos, Head of Globe Channel Marketing Group, said 147 Globe stores and 25 Easy Hubs in various locations around the country are open to mobile and broadband customers who would need help to have their SIMs registered in compliance with the SIM Registration Act. 

"We are pleased to see a steady increase in registered subscribers. However, we understand that some of our customers may still need assistance. So in our commitment to provide excellent service, our Globe Stores and Globe Easy Hubs are open to assist customers who need help for SIM registration," said Cleo Santos, Head of Globe Channel Management Group.

This effort is on top of 24/7 registration via Globe’s SIM registration website, and the GlobeOne app. Globe earlier launched National SIM Registration Week, an initiative to roll out over 500 SIM Registration Assistance Desks across the country, including remote areas and places known to have high concentration of users of basic phones. 

Globe has so far logged 23.48 million SIM registrations as of April 2.  An estimated 86.7 million SIM are under the Globe network. 

The SIM Registration Act aims to help curb scams and cybercrime by requiring all local SIMs to be registered by April 26 this year. Unregistered SIMs will be deactivated after the deadline.

To facilitate the registration of more customers, especially in remote areas, Globe has participated in several rounds of on-ground SIM Registration Assistance led by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). To see the list of SIM Registration Assistance sites, please visit

It has also partnered with local government units, groceries, and malls in putting up assisted registration booths in more than 100 sites nationwide, and held on-site assistance in major festivals.

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