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How to Set Up Your Home Office: 5 Work from Home Essentials

Boost productivity, bust back pain and perform better around the clock with these work from home office essentials

Welcome to the new normal, where online shopping, social distancing and working from home are the fundamentals that form our every day. With all this time spent inside, things have taken an interesting turn: Even the most outgoing people have become homebodies. Even the most lethargic of couch potatoes have started their home fitness journeys. And yes, even those who absolutely detest the thought of getting up and heading to the office are starting to miss the consistency of the daily grind.

With office life put on hold, we’re finding a new rhythm with the work from home lifestyle. Getting work done in a space that was once reserved for rest has proven to be a tough task, but there are a number of easy fixes we can do to make our at-home offices more conducive to productivity. Get in the zone by letting the light in, sitting upright and equipping yourself with all the essentials you need to optimize your workspace.

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Ergonomic chair

There are two words that absolutely every adult in this generation can relate to: back pain. Now that we’re on our computers all day—without the company-funded office chairs!—the struggle to sit up straight and deal with the back aches has only worsened.

Instead of dragging a dinner chair to your work desk or working on the couch around the clock, consider investing in an ergonomic chair that can help to properly support your torso, keep your mind off your back pain and boost your productivity.

The perfect work desk

If the office chair is the most important thing in your work from home set-up, your work desk is a close second. You can only hunch over your coffee table or keep your laptop on your lap for so long. Consider the tasks you’ll be handling for the foreseeable future. Are they purely digital tasks that can be done on a smaller laptop? Will you be needing more space to manage paperwork? What about a larger computer if you do video editing or graphics? Pick your table size and height accordingly—and make sure that it’s a functional complement to your work chair!

A light source

Bad lighting can ruin more than just photos. Studies have shown that poor lighting conditions can contribute to body deficiencies and eye strain, so keeping the workspace well-lit should be a priority. Position your work desk by the window to let the light in or equip your space with a lamp for those all-nighters. 

Reliable internet connection

In this day and age, internet connectivity has turned into a necessity. If you’re regularly holding meetings or constantly in contact with clients, a reliable internet connection will ensure that those Zoom calls and webinars go smoothly. 

Luckily, there are many affordable internet plans and promos that you can choose from. To get you started, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi can address your personal and professional needs without breaking the bank.

A docking station

We live in a digital era, after all. These days, losing connectivity is like losing a lifeline, so you’ll want to make sure your devices are charged up for the entirety of the work day. Have a docking station at your work desk and make sure there are ample electrical outlets nearby!

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Considering the country’s current situation, your workstation should be set up for the long haul. Reliable work from home equipment is no longer just a nice-to-have—it’s critical for your everyday comfort and daily productivity. Taking this crisis in stride has plenty to do with attending to your needs and making the right investments, so why not start with your work corner today?

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