New GlobeOne app

What is the New GlobeOne app?

Starting August, 2021, New GlobeOne your digital companion for all your Globe needs will have a new look and feel to its user experience. It allows you to monitor all your Prepaid Globe and TM accounts, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, MyFi accounts.

This new app will now be the primary app to manage your Globe accounts and will have the features and functionality of the existing apps and more!

How can I register to the New GlobeOne?

The New GlobeOne is available via App Store and Google Play Store to ALL Globe Prepaid, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi, and TM users only starting August, 2021.

You may also sign-up by using an email address or third-party credentials such as Gmail, Facebook, Apple ID and Yahoo Mail. Once registered, users may start adding their Globe accounts, Prepaid/TM numbers and Home Prepaid WiFi accounts. When adding an account, the new GlobeONE will send a one-time PIN via text to the number being enrolled. Just key in the PIN within the duration stated in the text.

For existing New GlobeOne app users, tap the Log-in button and use your existing and valid email address or Facebook, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail or Apple ID. If you're using a Home Prepaid WiFi account, retrieve your OTP through the Home Prepaid WiFi dashboard menu. 

Note: If you're already registered to the current GlobeOne app, your enrolled accounts won't automatically be added to your GlobeOne account list.

What phone version should I use for iOS/Android?

You can use iOS 14.0 and above and 5.0 and above for Android.

I'm using a Mobile Postpaid and/or Platinum/number, can I try and use the New GlobeOne now?

We're excited for you to also try our New GlobeOne app. For now, you may enroll your Postpaid/Platinum number to view your Globe Rewards Points and redeem. 

To monitor usage, subscribe to add-ons and content, and to view and pay your bills, you may use the current GlobeOne app. 

Sign in to the New GlobeOne app using your existing GlobeOne credentials. Your previously enrolled accounts in GlobeOne won't display in the New GlobeOne so you’ll have to add these accounts manually. There's no web browser yet for the New GlobeOne, but for the meantime, you can always access our Globe website at

What requests can I submit through the New GlobeOne?

You may make the following requests through the New GlobeOne app:

Service RequestBrand ( GP/HPW/ TM)Timeline

Buy Load/Promo

Globe Prepaid  & Home Prepaid WiFi, TM



Globe Prepaid & TM,Postpaid, Platinum


Loan Load/Promo

Globe Prepaid & TM


Online Payment or promo via CC, DC, Gcash and Charge to Load

Globe Prepaid  & Home Prepaid WiFi, TM


Freebies, Boost and Gifts

Globe Prepaid  & Home Prepaid WiFi, TM


Content Subscription

Globe Prepaid  & Home Prepaid WiFi, TM


Exclusive Promos

Globe Prepaid  & Home Prepaid WiFi, TM


Are you switching the Globe At Home app to the New GlobeOne app? Do I need to delete the current GlobeOne app and just use this?

Yes, the plan is to consolidate all Globe Apps into 1 application.

Starting August 2021, Prepaid/TM or Home Prepaid WiFi customers may already use the new GlobeOne app. For Postpaid/Globe At Home customers, they may still continue to use the current GlobeOne app or Globe At Home app.

Can I use the New GlobeOne for free, without data charges?

For now, data charges will apply. Just keep on using the app so you’ll be notified within the month when you can use the app for free.

Can I use my Globe At Home app log-in details in the New GlobeOne app?

No. When you use New GlobeOne, you should explicitly create a new account and enroll your Globe At Home Prepaid number/s. You can still continue to use your Globe At Home app and view your Globe At Home promo status via the New GlobeOne app.

What should I do if I encounter an error when registering my Home Prepaid WiFi account?

You can still register your Home Prepaid WiFi account manually through OTP by tapping "Try adding account manually" in the error notification page. Retrieve your OTP through the Home Prepaid WiFi Dashboard menu. Check your Inbox and use the OTP sent to register your account. You can access the Home Prepaid WiFi inbox by tapping "Go to my Modem Inbox".

To know your username and password:

For Home Prepaid WiFi number

  • In the page where you are entering the Home Prepaid WiFi Number, tap "Find my HPW number". The app will show instructions on how to find your Home Prepaid WiFi number.

For Home Prepaid WiFi modem username & password

  • In the page where you are entering the modem username and password, tap "Find my username and password". App will show instructions on how to find the modem's username and password.

Is there another way to register my Home Prepaid MyFi account other than sending an OTP to my modem inbox?

For now, securing the OTP is the verification that is required so that you can register your account. However, we are continuously improving our systems and should be able to deliver an easier way to register your Globe MyFi account.

What do I do if I'm receiving error messages and can't receive the OTP?

Don't worry, just click on 'Send me a New Code'. After 6 incorrect OTP input attempts your  account will be locked out and you may retry after 24 hours. Please make sure not to share your OTP/PIN to anybody.

If you tried to log in but got the following error messages:

Too many login attempts:

The system will only allow up to 3 logins at a time, whether the logins may be correct or incorrect.

You may wait for at least 30 minutes to try signing-in again. If the same issue occurs, you may reset the password. To reset, just click on Forgot Password Nominate registered email, then an email will be sent to the nominated email address. Clink the link to reset the password. A screen for new password nomination will be shown. Put a new pass and click "Confirm". Please do not share your password to anyone else.

"Invalid email format"/ Incorrect password / PIN:

Kindly make sure that the user entered the correct password/pin or email address.

Server error:

Uninstall then install the latest version of the app.

If you can't find the app after opening a 3rd party application, you may restart the app and clear the application cache.

If it's continuously loading upon using the app. You may uninstall the app and install the latest version. Also, make sure to clear the cache prior to re-opening the app.

I've enabled the face and touch ID but my device can't recognize me. How do I log in?

Don't worry, you'll be prompted by the app to try logging in with a six-digit PIN instead.

I'm a Home Prepaid WiFi user and unable to activate my free 10GB in the New GlobeOne. What should I do?

Make sure that your Home Prepaid WiFi SIM is inserted in the modem and your device is connected to its WiFi. The 10GB freebie will be automatically sent to your account once you access any browser or use the internet connection. A text notification will be sent once you receive the freebie.

Why is nothing happening when I clicked on the "Buy Load" button?

Please check your internet connection, and access the New GlobeOne again. You may 'Buy Load' within the New GlobeOne by clicking on the 'Buy Load' button in the Dashboard. If nothing happens after clicking the 'Buy Load' button in the Dashboard, re-open the app. Please note that as of the moment, the available payment options are GCash and Credit/Debit card.

What should I do if I tried to pay with a credit/debit card but got the following error messages: "It wasn't processed/Please contact your issuing bank."?

Please make sure that you have enough credit limit or account balance before making a payment. Contact your issuing bank if the issue persists.

In case I'm having trouble with my app connections/transactions and accidentally close the page while paying, whom can I coordinate to ask for assistance?

If you accidentally closed the page while the payment was being processed, the transaction will most likely push through. Kindly check your GCash or bank account if no deduction was made. If none, you may try again.

You may can coordinate with others channels of Globe such as Gie of Globe in FB Messenger. For your payment issues, please contact GCash/bank support hotline to assist you.