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Globe's Fair Use Policy


What is the Fair Usage Policy for mobile internet?

Globe is committed to provide reliable mobile internet service for all customers. As such, the Fair Usage Policy is a network management control measure designed to protect the security and integrity of our network, and to ensure connectivity for all Globe and TM customers.


For our customers subjected to Fair Use Policy, network management control measures will be implemented to give all Globe customers the opportunity to enjoy our network.

I'm a Globe Postpaid customer with a contract under ThePLAN. Am I subject to the Fair Usage Policy?

No, you're not. Your postpaid plan is not covered by the Fair Usage Policy. You'll also receive the customary text notification once you fully use up all the data in your plan.

What happens when I fully consume my data allowance under ThePLAN?

Two things can happen when you use up all your ThePLAN data allowance:


  1. If you’re subscribed to SurfAlert, your internet usage will stop and will only resume once you register to an add-on surfing promo. 
  2. If you’re not registered to SurfAlert, you’ll still be able to continue browsing at the regular rate of P2/MB, subject to your spending limit and capped at P1,500.
I'm a Globe Prepaid customer subscribed to a Go/GoSURF/GoSAKTO promo. Does the Fair Usage Policy also apply to me?

No, it doesn't. These promos are not subject to the Fair Use Policy.

What can I do to continue enjoying my services after being subject to the Fair Use Policy?

You may purchase add-on data promos called Speed Refresh to continue enjoying your services after being subject to the Fair Use Policy.


PromoPromo ConstructBrand
Speed Refresh 20P20 for 50MB, valid for 1 dayGlobe Prepaid, TM and Globe Postpaid
Speed Refresh 300P300 for 1GB, valid for 7 days
Speed Refresh 500P500 for 2.5GB, valid for 30 days
What is the Fair Usage Policy for unlimited call and text promos?

Globe and TM have fair usage policies for unli calls and text services to ensure quality service for all.


Upon your registration to unlimited promos, you’ll receive a confirmation message that includes a reminder about the Fair Use Policy, and a link that directs to the Globe website. Keep in mind that unlimited promos are intended for personal use, are applicable for person-to-person transactions only and are not intended and should not be used for spamming. Globe reserves the right to terminate/suspend promo subscription/s found to be in violation of this policy. The Fair Use Policy maintains the quality of our services for you, our valued customer, prevents network abuse and allows us to fully optimize network capacity.

What is the Fair Usage Policy for data roaming promos?

Our data roaming promos are designed to  give you your money's worth by giving you enough of what you need while abroad.


With the Fair Use Policy for data roaming promos, we can ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to use our all-day promos when they travel abroad. We implemented this last June 21, 2018 and covers only the promos listed below.


  1. Roam Surf 399
  2. Easy Roam 149
  3. Roam Surf 3D
  4. Roam Surf 5D
  5. Roam Surf 7D
  6. Roam Surf 15D
  7. Roam Surf 30D


Our data offers are more than enough for your browsing needs. You'll receive a reminder message about your data usage. Network management control measures are in place to make sure all Globe customers have the opportunity to enjoy our network even abroad.


If you are subject to Fair Use Policy, you'll be able continue enjoying your roaming services by doing the following:


  • Subscribe to a Roam Speed Refresh promo via the GlobeOne app.
  • If you registered to the Roam Surf offers with longer validity, your browsing speed will refresh at 12:01 AM (PHT).
  • If you registered to Roam Surf 399/Easy Roam 149, your browsing speed will refresh when your roaming promo expires.
What is your Fair Use Policy for Platinum plans?

For the Fair Use Policy for Platinum plans, visit