Prepaid LTE Mobile WiFi FAQ

What are the features of the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi?

Globe LTE Mobile WiFi runs on Globe's LTE network at speeds of up to 42 Mbps. It allows you to connect to the Internet even while you are on the go. Just turn on the device—no need to plug in the USB port and you can connect up to sixteen (16) devices! You can also send/receive texts to your family and friends by simply accessing the user interface.

How much is the product and what freebies do I get?

For a limited time, you can get a pocket WiFi for only P799.  It also comes with free Go+ 190 with GoLEARN & GoWORK! Enjoy 18GB all-access data, 5GB for home-only use, plus 1GB daily for YouTube Learning, Google Suite, Canva & more, and 1GB daily for Zoom, WhatsApp, Viber & more, valid for 7 days.

GoLEARN can be used to access YouTube Learning, Google Suite, Shaw Academy, Canva, Coursera, Udemy, Wikipedia, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and Blackboard.

Meanwhile, GoWORK can be used to access Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Yahoo!Mail, Zoom, FB Meeting Room, MS Teams.

How do I claim the freebie?

  • Download the GlobeOne app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Open the GlobeOne app and enroll the mobile number of your Globe LTE Mobile WiFi
  • Go to your Dashboard, scroll down to see the freebie and click “Activate Now”

What will happen after I use up the freebies or they expire? Can I still access the internet on my WiFi devices?

After your freebie is consumed or has expired, you can still access the internet using your WiFi device but you will now be charged a regular browsing rate of P5/15 minutes unless you’re registered to a promo.

Your Globe LTE Mobile WiFi is best used with GO+ promos. Keep going with higher all-access GBs, additional GBs for home-only use, unli allnet texts, and GoWiFi with the new GO+ Promos! To register, open your GlobeOne app > go to Promos tab > select GO+ > Choose your promo and click "Subscribe".

Can I avail of the freebies together with other existing promos of Globe?

Yes, while you’re subscribed to the freebies, you can still register to other data promos.

Can I use the freebies when I’m outside the Philippines or while roaming?

You can only use the freebies within the Philippines.

Can I transfer the freebies to another Globe/TM/HPW user?

You can only enjoy the freebie using the new SIM that was issued with the LTE Mobile WiFi that you bought. It cannot be transferred to another Globe/TM/HPW number.

I did not receive my free data, what should I do?

Chat with us via Messenger ( via mobile so that we can resolve the issue.