Renewing your Contract with ThePLAN

I’m an existing postpaid customer, can I change my plan to ThePLAN or ThePLAN PLUS?

If you’re already out of contract, yes, you can change to the same plan amount or upgrade to a higher plan anytime.

If you’re still within contract, please wait till your contract finishes to avoid paying pre-termination fees. If you choose to go ahead and change to these plans, you’ll be charged with pre-termination fees.

If I avail of ThePLAN with a device, what happens after the 24-month contract ends?

After 24 months, you‘ll be contract-free and your plan will just continue. You then have the option to keep your current MRF, upgrade or downgrade your plan or renew your contract.

What will happen if I don’t finish my contract?

If you don’t finish your contract, you’ll have to pay the corresponding pre-termination fees.

How do you compute the pre-termination fee?

The pre-termination fee is computed as follows: Gadget Penalty fee + unpaid handset installments + P550 admin fee.

To get the gadget penalty fee, use this formula:

Handset price - cash-outs paid for the handset x Remaining
Total contract months in contract

If I renew my plan under ThePLAN PLUS, will I have a contract?

No, there won’t be any contract with ThePLAN PLUS so you get to stay and enjoy its bigger consumable value.

I’m an existing customer with bill rebates. Can I keep my rebates when I change to your new plan?

Sorry, rebates are no longer available. You may choose to get the new ThePLAN PLUS SIM-only plan instead as it’s packed with added consumable value, which you can use to get better GoSURF packs, and more affordable call and text packs.

Will I be able to retain my current DUO number if I change to this plan?

Yes, you can still retain your DUO number.

Can I avail of the promo packs even if I’m currently on one of your older plans?

The promo packs are not available for our old plans. To avail of these promo packs, you’ll need to change to our new plans.