Thea of Globe Platinum

Who's Thea of Globe Platinum?

Thea is Globe Platinum's Digital Assistant, providing assistance and concierge servicing to Globe Platinum customers who availed of ThePLATINUM Plans. She's a digitally savvy Filipina millennial, credible and trustworthy, who represents the Globe Platinum brand.

You can access Thea through Facebook Messenger. She can assist you on anything you may need regarding your Globe subscription, including concierge services. Hence, she can fulfill requests for airport lounge access, travel planning, dining reservations, personal shopping, and the like.

Cool! How do I get access to Thea of Globe Platinum?

If you availed of ThePLATINUM Plans, you'll receive a text invitation from Globe to access Thea on Facebook Messenger. Just click on the link indicated on the message so you can start enjoying her services.

The account is approved by Facebook Messenger, and you'll know it's so because of the small green check icon beside the name.

Why is Thea of Globe Platinum available only to ThePLATINUM Plans customers?

We're piloting Thea of Globe Platinum to ThePLATINUM Plans customers to gain insights on how to serve you better in this new platform. Rest assured that we'll let you know if the program will be made available commercially to all Platinum customers.

When can I send messages to Thea of Globe Platinum? Is she available to assist me anytime?

Thea is ready to help you anytime, as she's available 24/7.

Can I call Globe through Thea of Globe Platinum?

Should you need to call Globe, you can reach us through the Globe Platinum hotline at (02) 7301888.

Is this service free?

Our virtual concierge service is free, and as long as you're online, you can send messages to Thea of Globe Platinum for free.

What happens if I block or unsubscribe from Globe?

You won't be able to receive messages from us if you do that. Similarly, you won't also be able to send us messages. Make sure Globe is unblocked so we can keep communicating with each other!

Can I also reach Thea of Globe on Viber?

For now, Thea is available only on Facebook Messenger. We'll let you know as soon as she's accessible via Viber, as well as other chat apps.

Can I chat with Thea of Globe Platinum in English or Tagalog?

You can use either! Feel free to chat in English or Tagalog - whatever you're more comfortable with.

What transactions can Thea of Globe Platinum handle?

Thea can attend to your Globe account inquiries and modification requests. She also provides concierge servicing, so this means she can fulfill these requests for you:

  • Airport lounge access
  • Travel planning and custom itineraries
  • Dining reservation and culinary experiences
  • Live events access
  • Creative gifting services
  • Personal shopping
  • Fitness and lifestyle (spa, wellness and personal trainer)
  • Reminder service